Looking for all of our crafts, all in one spot?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! The crafts will be listed by category and ranked according to easiness. One asterisk (*) is easy, two is medium, three is hard, and four is just general instructions/ideas or a craft I’ve done.

A few notes on craft supplies and other things before the list starts:

Genius: What my sisters FlamyFox13, OceanHorse36 and I call that non-corrugated cardboard-like stuff that is stiffer, but fairly thin and is generally grey-ish in colour. I get most of mine from the back of my mother’s desk calendars. We were doing a craft once and we were trying to find the right material for something. We didn’t want cardboard so someone suggested we use the stuff that was stored behind a shelf in the mud room. Someone else replied “Genius!”, meaning “good idea, that’s perfect”, so we’ve called it ‘genius’ ever since!

Measurements: I try to give these in both imperial and metric (so, inches and centimetres), but I don’t always, so it may be helpful to have rulers capable of doing both. Generally, I use which ever gives me the nicest number.

Doll Crafts

How to Make a Doll Compass*

I Made a Doll Shirt Without a Pattern!****

My New Chicken!!!****

Doll Book – Fairy Tales Gone Wonky (Tome 1)**

5 Simple Doll Food Crafts (green beans*, tomato slices**, graham crackers*, cereal* and sprinkles*)

Sophie’s Craft- Write Your Own Doll Book**

How to Make a Doll Skateboard**

How to Make a Doll Yo-yo*

Crafting with Cole – Episode 3 – Photo Albums/Scrapbooks**

Gingerbread People – at the end of this post*

Fixing a Cardboard Doll Dresser****

How to Make Doll Toothbrushes**

Doll Girl Guide Cookies***



Brownie Badges****

Brownie Badges – Part 2****

I Made a Doll Shirt Without a Pattern!****



IBW – Octopus Bead Pet*

IBW – Panda Bead Pet*

IBW – Flamingo Bead Pet**

IBW – Clay Beads*

IBW – Canada Pin*

IBW – Guest Post – Pineapple Bead Pet*

IBW – Beading Loom Heart**

IBW – Watermelon Bead Pet*

IBW – Bracelet*


Other Crafts

Origami Foxes*