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Doll Girl Guide Cookies, Or How Not to Make a Craft

Hi all! I hope you’re all having a good day, and if not, please go look at your favourite doll for a minute. Notice how cute they are and how adorable and how much they love you. Okay, good? Now let’s continue on!

I’m a bit late for World Thinking Day, which was on the 22nd (of February, 2 days ago), but better late than never, right?

Thinking Day is something that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world celebrate, mostly to think of each other and the big movement that is Guiding. You can see more in last year’s post, right here. I wore my Girl Guide uniform to school on the 22nd, and I actually had a Guide meeting for the unit that I help out with (I’m a Junior Leader!), so I was definitely thinking of Guiding! Anyhow . . . on to the cookies!

Here’s what I’m recreating:

(Notes: Photo from Girl Guides of Canada. I am not recreating the bite out of the cookie!)

Oh, and also, these are the Girl Guides of Canada classic cookies – so the chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies. I prefer the mint ones, but I wanted to make these. Maybe mint ones will be next! Do you want to see that?

Today is not a craft that I expect anyone to attempt. You can certainly try, and I encourage it, but this is sorta on the level of cutting out hundreds of tiny doll oats (anyone remember that?!) XD. So, as such, these aren’t really instructions, but more of how I did it and how you could do it.

Also, it took me a really long time to make these. I think I started in March of 2021 and I finished them at the end of January, this year. I also didn’t work on them for many, many months in there, so you know.

Okay, so these are the supplies I started out with. Most were used, but not all.

I did use the dark brown scrapbooking paper, the cream cardstock, the ruler (my trusty triangle! honestly, I use these for everything!), the scissors, the lip balm (well, the container) and the egg carton. I don’t think I ended up using the paper cutter, so pretend it’s a bottle of white glue and a glue stick there in the picture instead, because I did use those!

I started by cutting out a section of egg carton and tracing the lip balm lid onto that.

This makes the cookies about half an inch. At least, that’s what they started at. I may have made them smaller. I can’t remember . . .

So then I glued them to the brown paper. I did start with the chocolate cookies, because I think those are my favourite.

This is what I was originally doing – wrapping more paper around the edges to form the lip of the design. It didn’t work, so don’t do that.

It was showing white because the paper was only brown on the one side, so I scrapped that.

I cut out some small trefoils too. Don’t know the size, but looking at my thumb . . . probably 1/4 of an inch wide! The stem actually goes the other way – I semi-glued my template on the back to make things easier. One of the best decisions I made! (I’d say the worst was starting this project, but it was actually fun and it’s definitely the kind of over-complicated thing I do!)

At this point, this is what I had. Once I started doing it properly, I mean.

Oh, and this! You can’t forget this!

Sophie would have loved it. Crumbs galore!

I ended up cutting out little rings to glue on top.

But I still had the problem of covering the sides, so I wrapped one layer of paper around that . . .

. . . trimmed it all nicely and there you go!

I also started gluing the paper on the top after doing the sides so the top was cleaner, but when I came back to finish these this year, I forgot I’d done this, so some of the vanilla ones have the top then the sides.

I glued one of those paper rings, plus a trefoil (that’s what we call the Girl Guide symbol) on the cookie and there, half a cookie done! Well, actually only a third, because there’s two cookies and a filling, but the filling’s not hard!

At this point, here’s the mess level. (Featuring my knee. I think I was wearing my overalls that day.) My room’s not normally super messy, just mostly organized stuff everywhere, but when I cut paper . . . everything goes haywire!

Here’s seven chocolate cookie halves. I made 6 cookies of each in the end, so five more chocolate cookie halves to go at this point.

But of course, I got bored of that and moved on to the vanilla ones.

I didn’t take any more pictures of my progress that time, because I left the project for a while, but I had all my chocolate cookie halves, plus one whole cookie and some vanilla halves at this point.

When I came back to it this January, my camera was very low on battery (usual – it’s an old camera and it’s not in the slightest bit fancy, so it needs pretty full batteries. The cover keeping the batteries in is also a bit broken, so it has to be taped down for the camera to work. I could switch to using a smartphone, because it does take better pictures, but it’s slippery and no tripod, so camera it is. I don’t mind, really.), so I didn’t take as many pictures.

I finished the cookie halves (or maybe they’re just cookies and the whole thing is a sandwich cookie?), meaning I had 12 halves of each colour.

I cut out fillings a bit smaller than the cookies, coloured the edges of the brown ones with a lighter brown marker, painted the edges of the vanilla ones white and glued those in. I’m pretty sure you know the order I glued them in – it wasn’t cookie, cookie, filling!

And there, I had 12 little cookies, all neat and cute and tiny and adorable!

I found a classic cookie box in the freezer and undid both ends (I got my mother’s permission to take it apart and no, I didn’t eat any of the cookies). I actually just photocopied it. My mother had recently learnt that you could photocopy it to a certain size, so we set the scale to 35%. (Technically 33% is more accurate, but it doesn’t matter that much). I had to photocopy the front and back separately, but then I glued those together and then onto cardstock.

And then I cut it out. Following all the lines the real box was cut on, because, yes, I’m that kind of person. Tiny little notches that don’t matter? Why, of course I’ll cut them out! XD

So I glued all that like a real box, cut a slit for the re-sealability and there you go!

A tiny box of Girl Guide cookies!

I don’t have any pictures of them with the dolls yet (yep, it’s those pesky batteries), but they’ll probably show up in a photostory soon. They’re too cute not to use!

I hope you enjoyed this, and if you want to see more of my crafts, let me know! Also, should I make mint cookies?

Continue having a good day and if you’re still not, please go look at your cutest doll again! Trust me, dolls make everything better!


Update, five minutes later: I totally forgot, but if you have any sort of question at all for the dolls, the pets or for me, I would absolutely love it if you could comment them below! I’ve got something really exciting coming and I need your questions! Need advice? Want to know a doll’s favourite something? What they ate for dinner? Anything goes! Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Doll Girl Guide Cookies, Or How Not to Make a Craft

  1. These are so so cute!!! If they didn’t look so complicated, I might be tempted to make some myself… or maybe just the box. I would love to see you make mint cookies too!
    And thank you, I am looking across the room at my favourite doll, Charlotte (literally just because I can see her from here), and I can tell you it does help.

    ~ FlamyFox13


    1. Thank you! Yes, even just the box is adorable! Okay, I will attempt mint cookies at some point then! (Uh, once I complete all the other things I said I would on the blog . . .)
      See! Dolls always help!


  2. Very nice!!! That was definitely one labor intensive craft project but you totally nailed it. And great thinking on carefully taking the box apart and photocopying it in a reduced size!


    1. Thank you! Yeah, I tend to go overboard on my craft projects . . . wish I could say that was the only one. XD Yes, it’s definitely something I’ll be doing again – it’s a good hack for things that can be photocopied!


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