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Easter Egg Hunt

I have a photostory for you all today, in honour of Easter. The girls will talk in their normal colours - Nicole in green and Sophie in orange. Enjoy! 'There are eggs to be found! Ready, set . . . go!' And the girls are off, hoping to find the most eggs and the best… Continue reading Easter Egg Hunt

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I Made a Doll Shirt Without a Pattern!

Hello! Today I finished a cute little shirt for Sophie!I know it's a t-shirt and the weather here is still cold, but then again I did make those shorts in the middle of winter. . . 😄 I'm pretty pleased with how the shirt turned out especially because I didn't really use a pattern! I… Continue reading I Made a Doll Shirt Without a Pattern!

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Throwback Thursday: Old Pictures

Recently my dad found these old Little Tikes cameras that my sister FlamyFox13 ( and I had when we were a lot younger. I think we might have been 3 or 4 years old when we got them. Our first attempts at photography are actually rather funny so I thought I'd share some of them… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Old Pictures