About Me

Hello! I’m ForestPoodle88, a teenage doll lover and the human behind this blog. Yeah, I know the name’s a little odd, but I quite like the idea of an ordinary, pampered poodle just escaping her giant mansion and running away to the forest. She becomes all wild and free, with leaves in her fur and adventure sparkling in her paws.

Nicole: Um, wait, what? Adventure in her PAWS?!

Me: Yes, deal with it.

The poodle (me) meets a hedgehog (my camera) and together they start a blog: Hedgehog Hollow! The poodle’s friends, Nicole, Sophie and Victoria, join in and they share their adventures and ideas with the world.

(I just made that story up now, but I like it, so that’s what we are going with. )

I have three (!) dolls – Nicole, Sophie and Victoria – and blog mainly about dolls. I love sailing, drawing and sewing doll clothes. This blog was started in 2018 after at least a year of reading and exploring other people’s amazing doll blogs.  I currently post doll crafts, photo stories, and sometimes photo shoots.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to take a look around or post a comment on something you like – I love to hear from my readers! Enjoy exploring Hedgehog Hollow. :)