Tribute to Sophie, um, sort of | By Nicole and Victoria

Hi everyone! It's Nicole and Victoria here! We figured ForestPoodle wouldn't do anything for Sophie's birthday because she always forgets - SHE FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, so we decided WE would do something for Sophie!  And then we wanted to collect pictures and everything, but she'd already done that herself, so we're just going to share … Continue reading Tribute to Sophie, um, sort of | By Nicole and Victoria

The New Sister

A girl walked slowly up the pathway, hesitating before the door. What if this wasn't the right place? Well, there was only one way to find out. Carefully she lifted her hand and knocked lightly. She waited a couple seconds, then knocked again, this time louder. She waited nervously for the door that would seal … Continue reading The New Sister

2 Years on Hedgehog Hollow!!!

(See, I made a header-image-thing!!) Hello everyone, and welcome to our special second anniversary edition post! Are you startin' without ME? Hey, you're blocking the camera, Sophie! And, no, I'm just introducing the post. Suuurre. Okay, now you can start. So, as I was saying, this is our special edition second anniversary post. I'm Nicole- … Continue reading 2 Years on Hedgehog Hollow!!!