Photo Stories and Scenes

So you want all the photo-stories and photo-scenes in one place, hunh? Actually, I’m kidding, no one asked for this, but I’m doing it anyway. :) And for clarification, a photo-scene is like a photo-story, but there’s no actual plot line, it’s just a kind of scene in the life of the Hedgehog Hollow Crew. I’m not telling you which are which here though. You’ll also notice that I have no clue how to spell photostory/photo-story/photo story!

Photo-series “A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort”

Part 1: A Strange Note

Part 2: Under the Bed

Part 3: The Book Unread

Part 4: Climbs and Clues

Part 5: Cryptic Codes

Part 6: The Word Remaining

Part 7: The Lost Sister


C-ing With Cole (Nicole’s instructional TV show that used to be just cooking and is now anything that starts with “C”)

Cooking with Cole – Episode 1

Cooking With Cole – Episode 2

Crafting with Cole – Episode 3


All the Other Photo-Stories and Photo-Scenes

Happy Holidays: A Doll Photo-Story

1 Year on Hedgehog Hollow!!!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Hedgehog Hollow Style

Easter Egg Hunt

When You Give A Doll A Hairbrush

An Average Day | A Photo Story

A Day In the Life of Sophie | A Photo Story

COVID-19 or the Underworld | A Hallowe’en Photostory

The New Sister

Thinking Day | A Scene in the Life of the Hedgehog Hollow Crew

The Book-o-meter Returns! | By Sophie

How to Do a Cartwheel According to Hailey

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em | A Photostory

The Chicken Hates Me! | A Photostory

A Frisbee-less Day | A Photo Story

Headlines from Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 2-6

Headlines From Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 14-16

Skating in Summer | A Photo Scene (sort of)

The Princess and the Blueberry | Brought to You by the Hedgehog Hollow Crew

Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”

Happy Dollidays #2 – “Make Gingerbread People”

Happy Dollidays #3 – “Go Caroling”