The Dolly Crazy Tag!!

Yay! I got tagged! Thank you, FlamyFox13! Honestly, I love tags. This is only my second one, but they're a great way to connect the doll blog community and see who's out there. (Also, if you are looking for blogs . . . I do have a page for active ones, if you scroll up… Continue reading The Dolly Crazy Tag!!

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Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”

It's Sunday in the dollhouse (er, doll-space, but you know what I mean), and things are starting to look a little Christmas-y! Nicole has set up the tree and is attempting to wrap a garland around it, while Wilhelmina and Mama Hazel face off in front of a wreath. (None of the dolls have determined… Continue reading Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”

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Headlines from Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 7-10

  SOPHIE From Hailey at Peace in the Pines: What on Earth do you get up to when Charlotte comes to play? Because she never comes home looking like she did when she left! Sophie's Answer: Well, that's mostly Charlotte's fault, not mine! We get up to lots of things when Charlotte's over though. Last… Continue reading Headlines from Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 7-10

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Crafting with Cole – Episode 3

Cole the Crafter! Can she make it? Cole the Crafter! Yes, she can! Hello and welcome, to Episode three of Cooking - er, Crafting - with Cole! Of course, I'm Nicole the Cooker, Crafter and everything that starts with 'c' and ends with 'er'! Well, not EVERYthing . . . Anyway, today we're making scrapbooks/photo… Continue reading Crafting with Cole – Episode 3


It’s Me!! The Notorious Nicole is Back from Somewhere!

Hey, itès Nicole! Aaaah, silly French keyboard!! Thatès not supposed to be an è, it should be an apostralyptic! Oops, apparently thatès not a word either. . . Okay, let me get this French keyboard out of here! Problem solved. (Also, my greeting just reminded me of how in those Franklin episode-things the beginning went,… Continue reading It’s Me!! The Notorious Nicole is Back from Somewhere!

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em | A Photostory

"Hey Nicole?" Sophie asked, smearing jam on a slice of bread. She was making lunch for her and Victoria. There was no peanut butter, so they were just open-faced jam sandwiches. "Nicole?!" Sophie said, still not turning around. Normally Nicole was pretty prompt on the replies, especially when she was not half a metre away.… Continue reading If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em | A Photostory