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10 Stages of Being Bored | As Told By Nicole

Nicole: Okay, so the past month has literally been so boring! There's nothing to do that I haven't already done a million times! Here's how my week went.  (Quick note from ForestPoodle: these are not exactly in the order that they might happen for you. Nicole's boredom might happen differently than yours . . .… Continue reading 10 Stages of Being Bored | As Told By Nicole

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Cooking With Cole – Episode 2

🎵 Cole the Cooker! Can she bake it? Cole the Cooker! Yes, she can!🎵 Hello again Cookers! Welcome back to Cooking With Cole! As you know, I am Nicole the Cooker. Hmm . . . I need to get a tag that says that. I'll ask Mommy about that.  Anyhow, every doll (and human) needs… Continue reading Cooking With Cole – Episode 2