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10 Stages of Being Bored | As Told By Nicole

Nicole: Okay, so the past month has literally been so boring! There’s nothing to do that I haven’t already done a million times! Here’s how my week went. 

(Quick note from ForestPoodle: these are not exactly in the order that they might happen for you. Nicole’s boredom might happen differently than yours . . . :)



Stage 1: Reading all the books in the house in one day

Well, except for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, because I refuse to read the third Harry Potter book first. 


Stage 2: Baking something

And eating (with Sophie’s help) most of the brownies I just baked. That part was fun.


Stage 3: Digging through the bins (well, drawers) of stuff to find something remotely interesting.

A.k.a. playing every single thing you can think of with a bouncy ball and a slinky. There’s not too much.


Stage 4: Finally getting around to that school work you put off

Well, it has to be done at some point I guess . . . 


Stage 5: Trying to do your human’s unfinished math work because you finished your own

Um, what’s ‘cos’? Or ‘sin’? Or ‘SOH CAH TOA’? Or any of this?!

(School work for me actually finished this morning – thank goodness!)


Stage 6: Lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling in hopes of finding something better to do

Ahhhh! Why is the ceiling so boring too?


Stage 7: Taking a nap because you figure it will at least occupy some time

Not working. I can’t fall asleep!

Sophie: Try countin’ sheep.

We don’t have any!


Stage 8: Practicing your sword fighting skills against yourself

I was hoping Sophie would show up, because this is no fun. 


Stage 9: Going and pestering your sister until she agrees to do something with you

I’ll even do your weird dancing with you! 


Stage 10: Jumping up and down on your bed with your sister

Finally! Something reasonable to do!

*  *  *

I hope you enjoyed this little photo story. It was fun to put together and completely relevant considering the current situation with COVID-19.

What do you do when you’re bored? I seem to either take pictures or sew doll clothes, but staring at the ceiling is a pretty good option too. :)

So yeah, my school work is over for the year (very anticlimactic – I couldn’t even get my last math question right!) and hopefully there will be even more time to post.

Here’s hoping to a pretty non-bored summer!



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