Active Doll Blogs

Here you will find a list of all active 18 inch doll blogs that I know of and a brief description of each blog. I will revise this page a couple times a year and I’ll add new blogs as I find them. If you know of any doll blogs not listed here or want to add your own to this list, please let me know! If you can comment on pages, do that, or if not, use the contact page. :)

Note: The blogs here aren’t necessarily American Girl doll blogs, though many of them are. Any doll blogs with 18 inch or even 14 inch dolls are welcome!

What constitutes ‘active’? Having posted in the past year or so. Blogs can always be added back though!

All Doll’d Up – run by Katie. Has photo shoots, photostories, tutorials and more.

Peace in the Pines  – run by FlamyFox13. Has crafts, photostories, quotes, photo shoots and more.

Delightful World of Dolls – run by Madison. Has photo shoots, photostories, crafts, tutorials and more.

Tea Time With Melody Q – run by Xyra. Has photo shoots, photostories, travelling, and more.

Say Hello to My Little Friends – run by Flo. Has reviews, photo stories and more.

Q’s Creative Corner – run by Quinley. Has photostories, photographs, doll customizations and more.

An American Girl Mom – run by AG Mom. Has room tours, photo shoots, crafts and more.

American Girl Doll News – run by Sydney. Has reviews, leaks, American Girl information, news,  thoughts and more.

Lily and Ellie – run by two dolls, Lily and Ellie, and their human. Has reviews, thoughts, collections of DIYs and more.

Abriella’s  – run by Mariam. Has photoshoots, photographs, photostories and more.

Journey Girl Adventures – run by JGKelsey. Has reviews, photostories and more.

Alexandra D. Perreault  –  Has thoughts, custom dolls and more.

Dollightful Dolls – run by Heather. Has photo stories and more.

Faking It Mostly – run by Ginnie. Has crafts, tutorials, photo stories and more.

Dandridge House Dolls – run by Amy. Has historical room creations, historical recipes, doll repairs and more.

Dreaming of Dolls – run by BethE. Has reviews, sewing and more.

Confessions of a Dolly Lover – run by RagingMoon1987 and Talolili. Has thoughts, throwbacks, reviews and more.

MER*made9 – run by MER*made9. Has doll clothes, sewing and more.

PennilessCaucasianRubbish American Doll Adventures – run by Heather. Has reviews, photoshoots, photo scenes and more.

American Girl Dolls Chat Club – run by Grace Thomas. Has news, reviews, information, thoughts and more.

joanne’s 18″ dolls – run by Joanne. Has sewing tutorials, videos, crafts and more.

playroompals – run by Jessica. Has photostories, videos and more.

Islandshire Gazette – run by human Sarah and doll Trudy. Has photostories, crafts and more.

TheAGCollector101 – run by TheAGCollector101. Has reviews, thoughts, sewing and more.

Cinnamon Bears and Salsa AG -run by Sadie. Has photoshoots, thoughts and more.

Dollightful Friends – run by Vivianne. Has thoughts, photo stories, reviews, photoshoots and more.

The BookWorm Blog – run by Annabelle. Has photoshoots, thoughts, tags and more.

Jessica & Lea – run by Brooklyn (human), Jessica and Lea (dolls). Has photoshoots, photo stories, crafts, recipes, thoughts and more.

Hailey’s Joyful Dolls – run by Hailey. Has photoshoots, thoughts, photo stories, videos and more.

Wren*Feathers – Has crafts, sewing and more.

The World of My Dolls – run by Jaffa. Has photostories, photoshoots, videos and more.

A Crazy Doll Life – run by Haley, Emily and Abbey. Has cool photoshoots, thoughts, photostories and more.

(Ignore this. It’s just for my use when adding new blogs to the list!)

Has news, reviews, photo shoots, photostories, crafts, travelling, tutorials, thoughts and more.