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More Maplelea News?! + What I’d Like to See Next

You know how I said Maplelea doesn't release things all at once and how something was probably going to come out after my post? Well, things did! We've gotten a pair of pajamas, a new slumber lounge and four (five?) new dolls since! (Okay, not gonna lie here - it's been a bit since I… Continue reading More Maplelea News?! + What I’d Like to See Next

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New Maplelea Release!

Hi everyone! Maplelea released a bunch of new clothes lately, and I figure you probably haven't seen them yet (Maplelea IS a lot smaller than American Girl), so . . . Here they are. Maplelea doesn't seem to give any kind of warning or something before they release things, but it is that time of… Continue reading New Maplelea Release!

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My Ramblings on Random Maplelea Outfits

Hey all! It's just me today, but I thought I'd give you all some of my opinions on some very random Maplelea stuff. They did come out with two outfits recently - very interesting because they normally only release in October or November. I'll get to those in a bit. (All pictures are either direct… Continue reading My Ramblings on Random Maplelea Outfits

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Something Super-Exciting!

Hey everyone! So, as you can tell by the not-very-helpful title, something super-exciting has happened! Something that has never before happened on this blog! Okay, here's your hint: Do you know what - or WHOOO - it is?? Take a guess if you want (just no guesses from sibling, please - you all already know… Continue reading Something Super-Exciting!