Tribute to Sophie, um, sort of | By Nicole and Victoria

Hi everyone! It's Nicole and Victoria here! We figured ForestPoodle wouldn't do anything for Sophie's birthday because she always forgets - SHE FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, so we decided WE would do something for Sophie!  And then we wanted to collect pictures and everything, but she'd already done that herself, so we're just going to share … Continue reading Tribute to Sophie, um, sort of | By Nicole and Victoria

Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #8

Hello! It's Sophie here today, with the very last Day. You're not gonna see me though, because ForestPoodle88 did NOT make me enough clothes. (I gotta talk to her about fixing that.) Anyway, here is my amazing sister Nicole, and winner of the Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge if this is actually a competition, which I … Continue reading Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #8

Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #2

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Day 2 of the amazing Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge! I, the notorious Nicole . . . will be your host, I guess? Okay, so first is me, in my lovely cupcake nightgown and slippers. They're all made by ForestPoodle88, but I really wish those cupcakes were real. (To Charlotte: … Continue reading Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #2