Dolls · Photo Shoot

Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #5

Hey! It’s Charlotte, back again for today! Okay, I get to do a really fun day, because everyone’s looking nice. Fine, Nicole, only you and Hailey are, but still.


Sophie’s here first. She kind of doesn’t have any homemade tops left, so she only wore a pair of pajama shorts that were made after we took the pajama picture. Oh, and she’s got shoes too, this time I know they’re called sandals. 


Hailey is next. She has a really cute dress that Auntee ForestPoodle made, and you can’t see but she is also wearing a pair of red shorts under it. Hailey wishes they showed. FlamyFox made those. I guess tichnacly it’s not a full outfit, Hailey doesn’t have any shoes to wear. 


Oh, here’s me. I think I look nice, but I’m only wearing a pair of pj shorts that FlamyFox made, and I’ve got sandals, but I didn’t want to put them on. 


Nicole looks the best, because she has a really nice red dress. ForestPoodle made it. It’s really long and flow-y and very pretty. I want one like it. Oh, and Nicole’s not wearing shoes either. 


Here’s our group picture. 

And that’s that for today. Also this is my last post to host. :( Hey, that kind of rhymed! So see you all sometime.

~ Charlotte ~

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