Dolls · Photo Shoot

Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #8

Hello! It’s Sophie here today, with the very last Day. You’re not gonna see me though, because ForestPoodle88 did NOT make me enough clothes. (I gotta talk to her about fixing that.)


Anyway, here is my amazing sister Nicole, and winner of the Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge if this is actually a competition, which I don’t think it is, so Nicole is not winning anything. She’s just wearin’ a dress that ForestPoodle made for her recently, but she looks good and yeah. :)

I think that’s it I have to say. Oh, no, Charlotte is tellin’ me I gotta thank you all for something. So, okay, thank you all for reading our challenge thing, I hope you liked the clothes that we made and  – Maybe this will inspire you to try this challenge yourself? I hope so because it was fun! 

Ya, okay, see you all on Hedgehog Hollow or Peace in the Pines or where ever you are! 


Soph.   (and my cousins Hail and Charlotte and my sister Nicole) 


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