Dolls · Photo Shoot

Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #3

Hi everyone! It’s Hailey here, back with another HDCC day. I’m not typing out the whole thing, sorry! 

We took pictures out in the forsythia bush for today.


Okay, so here’s Nicole. She’s wearing a dress and sandals, and a pair of matching shorts on underneath, only you can’t see them. We all decided that she looks like Tinkerbell with her hair up like that. Or maybe Cinderella! ;) ForestPoodle made them all.


Sophie here is wearing her really nice overalls and her running shoes. Technically both hers and Charlotte’s are only adapted to fit them, but we say that counts. ForestPoodle made all of her clothes. Unfortunately, Sophie can’t be counted as wearing a full outfit, because she doesn’t have a shirt on (that’s just her cloth body that you see). 


I’m wearing a white tank top that ties at the back and has flowers down the sides, but you can’t really see that. I’m also wearing a dress like Nicole’s as a skirt, and sandals. FlamyFox made it all, and ForestPoodle is calling this picture a “wild woman of the woods” pic. 


Charlotte is here wearing a crochet jumper and running shoes that FlamyFox made. She’s also not wearing a full outfit, because she only owns one shirt. And she got flowers in her hair from the bush. Lucky her. 


There’s also a group picture today, but we forgot until we got inside. Not one of us looked at the camera, even though apparently I get the award for looking at it.

Okay, that’s today, see you soon!


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