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Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #6

Hello again! It’s the notorious Nicole back today for Day 6 of this challenge! Um, some of us were kind of running low on homemade clothes, so don’t get too worried, please.


Okay, so first is Charlotte, wearing mittens and crocheted shoes, both made by Auntiy FF. Her hair looks really good too.


And here’s me, in my mittens and one of my fancy dresses that ForestPoodle made for me. Not a fantastic photo, but at least my mitts sort of match my dress? :\


So here is Sophie, in her nice shorts, her gladiator sandals and her blue baseball cap. It’s all made by ForestPoodle88. I wish her sandals were my size, then I could steal them!


Last is Hailey, wearing her flower capris, white undershirt and striped top. Her hair’s going up like Pippi Longstocking! Oh, and it’s all made by Auntee FlamyFox.


We took a nice group picture today too. Okay, none of us are quite staring right at the camera again. But we’re all standing!

Yeah, okay, that’s it for today, and this is my last post for this, but I’ll see you all tomorrow, so you know you’re not done with me yet!

Nicole is signing off! (I need to get an actual signature thing soon.)

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