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Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #7

What’s up? As you can see, today is the 7th day of HDCC! I kind of can’t believe we made it this long. I thought we’d be done after 4 days. Nicole says it’s all ForestPoodle’s fault, because she made Nicole a bunch of dresses to perfect her pattern.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, this is Hailey here. It’s a little odd, because I wore my last outfit yesterday, so there isn’t even a picture of me today. Charlotte is also completely done, but she’s basically been wearing shoes and not much else for the past few days anyway.


Okay, so here is Sophie. She is wearing a pair of pants with great pink stars, a pair of socks with a blue star you can’t see, and a green kerchief. Just to be clear, the kerchief does NOT count as anything.


And Nicole here, queen of having lots of homemade clothes, is wearing a white dress. That’s it! Both her outfit (if that even is an outfit, and I don’t think it is), and Sophie’s were made by the wonderful ForestPoodle88!

Yeah, so that’s all for today. We’ll (okay, someone else will) see you tomorrow! Yes, there is at least one more day, although I’m not telling how many!

— Hailey —


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