Meet the Dolls

Confused about who everyone is? Just want to learn more about the dolls who appear here? You’ve come to exactly the right place! What follows is a brief history of me and my dolls, and then the important part – profiles for all three of my dolls and their four cousins.

I was pretty young when I got my first doll and although the stamp on the back of Nicole’s neck says 2007, she wasn’t my first doll, and I didn’t get her that year. Her side tag actually says 2008, so maybe I got her then? I actually got Sophie in 2007, according to my parents, but I had a baby doll before that. And I have some small collectors’ Madame Alexander dolls that I got maybe before that. I think I’ve always had dolls! My sisters and I used take the dolls out to play occasionally, but when I was in grade five I started to play and make things for them more and more. They were easier to make things for than the odd-shaped Beanie Boos! :) Once I started looking online for crafts and easy clothing patterns, I was hooked! I’ve always loved creating things, and dolls are really cool to make stuff for!

The dolls didn’t get actual names until about maybe 7 or 8 years ago; before then, they changed names with every play. I don’t actually remember any of Nicole or Sophie’s previous names, and I’m not sure why I called Nicole ‘Nicole’ (probably just because I’d heard the name somewhere) but I like the name Sophie, so that’s why that’s her name. Honestly, I didn’t think much about their names, because I figured they’d change again, but they stuck!

Victoria joined the crew in December of 2020, after only about a bazillion years of wanting and saving up for her! Just kidding, but I was really happy to finally get her.

Here are all my dolls along with my sisters’ dolls. As cousins and best friends, they do a lot together, although you’ll probably see them less than you might think.

My Dolls:

Name: Nicole Heather Marie

Birthday: November 18th

Favourites: clear blue, green, nature, astronaut ice cream

Pets: Moma Hazel and Jack Sloth (both hamsters) and Wilhelmina (a chicken)

Hobbies and Interests: Volleyball, borrowing Hailey’s boots, taking over doll blogs bloggy-things, cooking new recipes, paper crafts

About Her: Nicole (sometimes called Cole) has a tendency to fall down (and knock someone else over too), however, like the rest of the dolls, she’s always ready to lend a helping hand. She very much thinks that this blog should be hers, but she hasn’t succeeded yet. She also thinks she would make a great historical doll. Nicole is sweet, mostly reasonable and pretty imaginative. She is a Madame Alexander doll with the year 2007 on her neck and 2008 on her tag.


Name: Sophie Elizabeth Anne

Birthday: May 11th

Favourites: Yellow and Neon Orange, wild blueberries, the Lunicorns, mud and dirt, trees

Pets: Moma Hazel and Jack Sloth (both hamsters) and Wilhelmina (a chicken)

Hobbies and Interests: Hockey, running around, climbing things, reading

About Her: Sophie (sometimes called Soph) is friendly and funny and doesn’t actually have any eyebrows. Although she’s always the first to be blamed when something goes wrong or missing, she has a good sense of humor. Sophie is a bit wild and playful, but you can usually calm her down with a promise for wild blueberries. She is a Corolle doll with a (unhelpful) cloth body.

Name: Victoria Aisha

Birthday: February 17th

Favourites: Green, uncooked green beans

Pets: Moma Hazel and Jack Sloth (both hamsters) and Wilhelmina (a chicken)

Hobbies and Interests: Hockey, sports in general, photography, stargazing

About Her: Victoria (often called Toria) is a natural leader and very determined. She is a Maplelea KMF31 (same as KMF11) doll.

My Sisters’ Dolls

Name: Hailey Jacqueline

Birthday: November 22nd

Favourites: Dark blue and purple

Pet: Lady Samantha (who is a hamster)

Hobbies and Interests: swimming, dreaming of kitchens, basketball, climbing trees

About Her: Hailey (sometimes called Hail) is not very good at finding things (like her hamster) but we love her anyways. Much to Charlotte’s chagrin, Hailey is pretty unannoyable. She’s Saila and Charlotte’s sister and also sort of thinks she’s a western girl, as evidenced by some of her outfits.

Name: Charlotte

Birthday: April 28th

Favourites: Yellow and blue, the Lunicorns, lizards

Pet: Lady Samantha (who is a hamster)

Hobbies and Interests: pretending to be a pirate, playing jacks, trying to annoy Hailey

About Her: Charlotte (sometimes called Sharlie) is Hailey and Saila’s sister and does actually have eyebrows. She is quite possibly a pirate (or maybe she just wants to be)!

Name: Saila


Favourites: Purple and green

Pet: Lady Samantha (who is a hamster)

Hobbies and Interests: Drawing

About Her: Saila is Charlotte and Hailey’s sister. Her name is pronounced like sigh-la or sy-la (gee, trying to tell people how names are pronounced is hard!).


Name: Emilia

Birthday: August 19th

Favourites: purple,

Pet: Luna Moona (who is also a hamster)

Hobbies and Interests: Ballet, riding Horsey Dear, swimming

About Her: Emilia is OceanHorse36’s doll and everyone’s cousin.  (Well, not everyone, but . . .) Her name is actually pronounced like Em-uh-lee-uh, because none of us had ever heard the name out loud.

Other People or Characters You May See or Hear of 

FlamyFox13: My sister, who also has a blog: Peace in the Pines. Hailey, Charlotte and Saila belong to her.

OceanHorse36: My sister. Emilia belongs to her.

Charlie: Our (the humans’) dog. He likes to photobomb outside pictures and anything with food.

Wilhelmina: Nicole, Sophie and Toria’s hen. I made her out of wool roving in this post.

Moma Hazel, Jack Sloth, Lady Samantha and Luna Moona: the hamsters! They were adopted from a humane society (I think) and Moma Hazel is the mother of the other three. The first two belong to the Hedgehog Hollow crew, the next to the Peace in the Pines coven and the last to Emilia.

Horsey Dear: A Groovy Girl horse with bendable legs. She belongs at our grandparents’, but is still here after last year’s summer camp. She’s called Horsey Dear because FlamyFox13 didn’t want to name her (she’s sort of, not really all of ours), so she started calling her ‘horsey, dear’ instead. After a while, that ended up becoming her name, so I guess FlamyFox13 did actually name her!