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10 Stages of Being Bored | As Told By Nicole

Nicole: Okay, so the past month has literally been so boring! There's nothing to do that I haven't already done a million times! Here's how my week went.  (Quick note from ForestPoodle: these are not exactly in the order that they might happen for you. Nicole's boredom might happen differently than yours . . .… Continue reading 10 Stages of Being Bored | As Told By Nicole


Sophie’s Story

Okay, I'm back! Here's my story for you all. There's no pictures inthis post because Momie's camra ran out of batt'ries, but it will still be int'restin' because my story is amazing! It's called Dolphina's Adventure. I typed it as it is in the book, but my spellin' in the book is good because Nicole… Continue reading Sophie’s Story

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Doll Book – Fairy Tales Gone Wonky (Tome 1)

Today I've got a doll craft for you all! Over the past few months, I've been writing these fairy tales that are essentially common fairy tales that I've mixed up, switched characters and basically had a lot of fun writing! I typed my stories up and turned them into a doll book. Notice how the… Continue reading Doll Book – Fairy Tales Gone Wonky (Tome 1)