Sophie’s Story

Okay, I’m back! Here’s my story for you all. There’s no pictures inthis post because Momie’s camra ran out of batt’ries, but it will still be int’restin’ because my story is amazing! It’s called Dolphina’s Adventure. I typed it as it is in the book, but my spellin’ in the book is good because Nicole helped me. Also, this is much neater than in the book. My writin’ is not so goood.

Ready? Okay . . . 

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a princess dolphin named Dolphina. She hated being a princess though and wanted to escape. She lived in a big castle, but she hated that too. So, one day, she got up, climbed down a tower at the back of the castle and ran  swam away into the great big sea. She got lost because she had never been out of the castle before. She did not know what to do but then she saw a small yellow fish.

Will you help me? she said.

Certainly. the fish said.

I’m Dolphina. she said.

My name is Oscar. the fish said. Are you lost? You were going around in circles. Oscar said.

I am running away but I don’t know where to go. Dolphina said.

You can stay with me! My family would love that! said Oscar.

So she followed him to his house.

This is my family. Oscar said. This is my sister Lisa, my brother Paul, my sisters Sally and Suzy and my mom and dad. Oh and there’s my brother Connor and my sister Elonor and baby Scarlett.

You have a very big family. said Dolphina.

Oh. said Oscar. This is only the family that is home right now. I have 22 sisters and 19 brothers that are not here right now.

That’s a lot! said Dolphina. I do not have any siblings.

That’s okay. You have mine now. said Oscar.

Thank you. said Dolphina. You are very kind unlike my family. I hope they are not coming after me.

What do they look like? said Oscar.

They are dolphins. said Dolphina. My dad is blue and my dad is yellow.

Oh no. said Oscar.

What? said Dolphina.

I see them. They’re right there. said Oscar.

Oh no. That is them. said Dolphina.

What should we do? said Oscar.

Run! said Dolphina.

No, they’ll catch us. said Oscar.

Then what do we do? said Dolphina.

Hide. said Oscar.

So they hid behind a grey rock, but Dolphina’s mom and Dad saw them.

Run! said Dolphina.

So they ran and Dolphina’s parents chased them. They ran past the bookstore, ran threw the park, bumped into a whale, got swallowed by a stingray, got spitted out by a stingray and got lost. But Dolphina’s mom and dad still followed and chased Oscar and Dolphina. So Oscar and Dolphina ran more and finally they lost the mom and dad and went home.


See? Inin’t it a nice story? Aren’t you glad I wrote it? I kind of ran out of pages at the end and had to sqwish everything in.

I should write another adventure with Dolphina. That first one was very fun!

-Sophie (and Dolphina) 🐬🐑

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