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Doll Book – Fairy Tales Gone Wonky (Tome 1)

Today I’ve got a doll craft for you all!

Over the past few months, I’ve been writing these fairy tales that are essentially common fairy tales that I’ve mixed up, switched characters and basically had a lot of fun writing!

I typed my stories up and turned them into a doll book. Notice how the title of this post says ‘Tome 1’ ? Yep, there are more to come! This is only the first three of nine stories!

And even if you aren’t into dolls, you can still view the printable (down below) to read these ‘fractured’ fairy tales. Yay, first printable!

(No, my name is not Harley-Jane Lanceford, but you’ve gotta have a pen name, right?)

Fairy Tales Gone Wonky


Materials Needed:

  • a paper cutter or scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • the printable Fairy Tales Gone Wonky
  • a glue stick
  • packing tape (optional)
  • genius (see below)

Okay, so because you are confused about the last item on the list above, I will explain. My sisters FlamyFox13, OceanHorse36 and I were doing a craft (I don’t remember which one) and we were trying to find the right material for something. We didn’t really want to use cardboard, because it is corrugated and a bit thick, so someone suggested we use the thin cardboard stuff that was stored behind a shelf in the mud room. Someone else replied “Genius!”, meaning “good idea, that’s perfect”, so we’ve called it ‘genius’ ever since!

So anyhow, genius is thin cardboard-like stuff, non-corrugated, less likely to bend randomly and is denser than cardboard. It’s normally a grey/brown colour.

Let’s get started!

1.Use scissors or a paper cutter to the pages into rows (not columns!) along the black lines. Leave the ends for now.


2.Trim the left end of each row on the black line, but don’t trim it completely on the right side. Instead, leave at least a centimetre for gluing.

3.When cutting out the cover, cut at least a centimetre from the cover. Clip the corners as shown above.


4.Take the first row (the one with the title page) and put glue on the right end. Take the second row and and attach it on over the first.

5.Continue in this manner until you have an extra long strip of pages. (Just glue them on in the right order; it will save you a lot of hassle when reading!)

6.Take the strip of paper, right side up, and fold the first blank page back, along the black line. (All folding will be along the black lines.)

7.Now fold this page forward along the crease you just made. (This is so that you can see where the black line is when folding. You could just fold the page forward and be done with it, but I find this method more precise.)

8.Fold the next page back, but don’t fold it forwards again.


9.Continue folding in this pattern; your pages should be folded like an accordion (a super long one!) or a zig-zag.



10.Glue the second and third blank pages together. Glue the next two pages together as well. Continue gluing the pages together until every page, except for the first and last, are made up of two pages.

11.Take the cover and fold down the white ‘flaps’. (If you are covering the cover in packing tape, do it now.)

12.Trace the cover onto a piece of genius. Cut it out.

13.Draw a line 6 cm from each short edge of the piece of genius. The space in between the lines is the spine.

14.Cut a few millimetres outside of the spine, separating the piece of genius into 3 parts. The two larger pieces are the back and the front and the smaller piece is the spine.

15.Now cut along the line on each side of the spine.

16.Fold the cover along each side of the spine and unfold.

17.Glue the pieces of genius to the cover, making sure the back and the front line up with the sides and that there is a small gap in between the spine and the pieces on each side.

18.Put glue on the end pages of the ‘book’ part of the book 😜 . . . .

. . . . then glue it to the cover.

19.Cut out little trapezoids from the top and bottom flaps to make room for the pages.

20.Put glue on the flaps . . . .

. . . . and glue them down.

Your book is now complete!

Here are some pictures of Nicole and Sophie with their new book.


I crocheted the yellow blanket they are using, and most of their clothes are handmade too.

Enjoy the stories,


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