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Computering With Cole – Episode 4

🎵 Cole the Computerer! Can she blog it? Cole the Computerer! Yes, she can!🎵 Hello, it's Nicole the Computerer here, with the latest episode of Cooking, er, Crafting, er, Computering With Cole! Awesome! So today I'm going to give you my very best tips for running a doll-bloggy-thing. Now, I know I'm called Cole the… Continue reading Computering With Cole – Episode 4

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Meet Glenn!

Hello all! I think I told you I'd introduce the new calf first thing in the new year, and so here I am, doing just that! (It's definitely first thing in the new year) I decided I'd better show you the clothes I got at the same time, so I've enlisted cousins Hailey and Saila… Continue reading Meet Glenn!

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Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”

It's Sunday in the dollhouse (er, doll-space, but you know what I mean), and things are starting to look a little Christmas-y! Nicole has set up the tree and is attempting to wrap a garland around it, while Wilhelmina and Mama Hazel face off in front of a wreath. (None of the dolls have determined… Continue reading Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”