Extra Doll Pictures from Last Winter

Hi everyone! I have got an actual post planned that I took pictures for before school started, but to tide you over until I get that posted, here are some random pictures from last winter. (I know, it's no where near as exciting, but it's still cute!) I made 2 pairs of doll mittens from… Continue reading Extra Doll Pictures from Last Winter

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Nicole and the Daffodils | A Photo Shoot

Hey, it's me again, but Nicole's here too this time! We went outside at lunch time about a week or so ago and I took some pictures. The daffodils and forget-me-nots and Nicole are just so pretty!! I didn't do anything to her hair before because I don't have that much time at lunch, and… Continue reading Nicole and the Daffodils | A Photo Shoot

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Brownie Badges – Part 2

Hello everyone! So, for those of you who remember back near the beginning, in February of 2019, I posted about these super miniature old-program Brownie badges that I was embroidering. About a month ago (well, maybe more!) , I finally finished making all the badges I wanted to make. Below is a picture of the… Continue reading Brownie Badges – Part 2