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Computering With Cole – Episode 4

🎵 Cole the Computerer! Can she blog it? Cole the Computerer! Yes, she can!🎵 Hello, it's Nicole the Computerer here, with the latest episode of Cooking, er, Crafting, er, Computering With Cole! Awesome! So today I'm going to give you my very best tips for running a doll-bloggy-thing. Now, I know I'm called Cole the… Continue reading Computering With Cole – Episode 4

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Happy Dollidays #2 – “Make Gingerbread People”

Sophie is up to something again . . . Various things are clustered around her, but she won't let anyone see what she's up to. Believe me, her sisters have tried. They're in the living room, reading by the tree and wishing they had a warm fireplace to sit by. "Hey Soph, what are you… Continue reading Happy Dollidays #2 – “Make Gingerbread People”

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Crafting with Cole – Episode 3

Cole the Crafter! Can she make it? Cole the Crafter! Yes, she can! Hello and welcome, to Episode three of Cooking - er, Crafting - with Cole! Of course, I'm Nicole the Cooker, Crafter and everything that starts with 'c' and ends with 'er'! Well, not EVERYthing . . . Anyway, today we're making scrapbooks/photo… Continue reading Crafting with Cole – Episode 3

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Most Worn Clothes (not clothes that are all worn out!) | By Victoria

Hey guys, what's up? It's Toria! I feel all fancy and like a Youtuber person talking to millions of followers! (How many followers does this thing have?) Anyway, um, so FP88 - I like Soph's short form - decided we were going to do a post on the clothes worn most on the blog. And… Continue reading Most Worn Clothes (not clothes that are all worn out!) | By Victoria

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Thinking Day | A Scene in the Life of the Hedgehog Hollow Crew

Hi everyone! Today is a very special day for Guides and Scouts all around the world. (I'll let Nicole explain more about that later.)  So, in honour of that, here's what I am calling a "photo scene". It's like a photo story, but there's not really a plotline, 'cause I suck at those. And it's… Continue reading Thinking Day | A Scene in the Life of the Hedgehog Hollow Crew

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2 Years on Hedgehog Hollow!!!

(See, I made a header-image-thing!!) Hello everyone, and welcome to our special second anniversary edition post! Are you startin' without ME? Hey, you're blocking the camera, Sophie! And, no, I'm just introducing the post. Suuurre. Okay, now you can start. So, as I was saying, this is our special edition second anniversary post. I'm Nicole-… Continue reading 2 Years on Hedgehog Hollow!!!