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Birch Trees and Boots | A Photoshoot with Victoria

Hey, it's Toria here! We'll let ForestPoodle88 come back at some point - maybe three years from now?? - but for now, this blog is doll-run! Mostly because FP88 has pictures from last year - did you read that? Last year! - that still are not posted. So, I took matters into my own hands.… Continue reading Birch Trees and Boots | A Photoshoot with Victoria


The Dolly Crazy Tag!!

Yay! I got tagged! Thank you, FlamyFox13! Honestly, I love tags. This is only my second one, but they're a great way to connect the doll blog community and see who's out there. (Also, if you are looking for blogs . . . I do have a page for active ones, if you scroll up… Continue reading The Dolly Crazy Tag!!

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Happy Dollidays #2 – “Make Gingerbread People”

Sophie is up to something again . . . Various things are clustered around her, but she won't let anyone see what she's up to. Believe me, her sisters have tried. They're in the living room, reading by the tree and wishing they had a warm fireplace to sit by. "Hey Soph, what are you… Continue reading Happy Dollidays #2 – “Make Gingerbread People”

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Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”

It's Sunday in the dollhouse (er, doll-space, but you know what I mean), and things are starting to look a little Christmas-y! Nicole has set up the tree and is attempting to wrap a garland around it, while Wilhelmina and Mama Hazel face off in front of a wreath. (None of the dolls have determined… Continue reading Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”

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Four (!!!) Years on Hedgehog Hollow!

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that this very blog - yes, the one you're reading right now - became four years old last Friday! I wasn't organized enough to get something up then, especially because I'm not always where my dolls are right now, but I still wanted to do something, because, yeah,… Continue reading Four (!!!) Years on Hedgehog Hollow!

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The Princess and the Blueberry | Brought to You by the Hedgehog Hollow Crew

Let's go back in time for a sec and pretend it's still August, when it was all nice and hot and school was - well, school was actually about to start but it hadn't done so yet and the free days of summer were still alive and well. (Can you tell I miss summer??) Anyway,… Continue reading The Princess and the Blueberry | Brought to You by the Hedgehog Hollow Crew

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Skating in Summer | A Photo Scene (sort of)

It's a very sunny August day and Nicole and Hailey are on their way back from the local farmer's market. Nicole is even wearing her new Farmer's Market Sundress, a fact that she is very proud of. (The narrator would like to tell you that she made a pattern and sewed that dress just for… Continue reading Skating in Summer | A Photo Scene (sort of)