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Four (!!!) Years on Hedgehog Hollow!

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that this very blog - yes, the one you're reading right now - became four years old last Friday! I wasn't organized enough to get something up then, especially because I'm not always where my dolls are right now, but I still wanted to do something, because, yeah,… Continue reading Four (!!!) Years on Hedgehog Hollow!

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Crafting with Cole – Episode 3

Cole the Crafter! Can she make it? Cole the Crafter! Yes, she can! Hello and welcome, to Episode three of Cooking - er, Crafting - with Cole! Of course, I'm Nicole the Cooker, Crafter and everything that starts with 'c' and ends with 'er'! Well, not EVERYthing . . . Anyway, today we're making scrapbooks/photo… Continue reading Crafting with Cole – Episode 3

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Something Super-Exciting!

Hey everyone! So, as you can tell by the not-very-helpful title, something super-exciting has happened! Something that has never before happened on this blog! Okay, here's your hint: Do you know what - or WHOOO - it is?? Take a guess if you want (just no guesses from sibling, please - you all already know… Continue reading Something Super-Exciting!

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2 Years on Hedgehog Hollow!!!

(See, I made a header-image-thing!!) Hello everyone, and welcome to our special second anniversary edition post! Are you startin' without ME? Hey, you're blocking the camera, Sophie! And, no, I'm just introducing the post. Suuurre. Okay, now you can start. So, as I was saying, this is our special edition second anniversary post. I'm Nicole-… Continue reading 2 Years on Hedgehog Hollow!!!

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International Beading Week – Day 6 – Guest Post – Pineapple

For today's post, we have our first ever guest! FlamyFox13 of Peace in the Pines will be showing us how to make a pineapple "bead pet". Welcome to Hedgehog Hollow, FlamyFox13! Thanks. This is actually quite nerve-wracking (or nervous-making as ForestPoodle88 says).  As mentioned, I'm going to show you how to make a little pineapple.… Continue reading International Beading Week – Day 6 – Guest Post – Pineapple