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International Beading Week – Day 6 – Guest Post – Pineapple

For today’s post, we have our first ever guest! FlamyFox13 of Peace in the Pines will be showing us how to make a pineapple “bead pet”. Welcome to Hedgehog Hollow, FlamyFox13!

Thanks. This is actually quite nerve-wracking (or nervous-making as ForestPoodle88 says). 

As mentioned, I’m going to show you how to make a little pineapple.

You will need

  • 23 yellow beads
  • 15 brown beads
  • 30 green beads
  • wire or beading string that your beads fit on to
  • wire cutters or pliers if using wire

It doesn’t matter what size of beads you use, as long as you keep them the same size (obviously).

This is the pattern, it’s pretty self-explanatory. I understand that ForestPoodle88 starts at the top, but I don’t, and I’m not changing for her, so this pattern starts at the bottom.

When you have finished the first six rows of pineapple, set aside the right side of your wire, and put the beads for the first spiky bit on the other wire (the left one). Then thread it back through all but the bead closest to the end of the wire (refer to the pattern for help).

Repeat this for the next spike/leaf, then thread your wire through the second bead in the top row (it’s brown).


Go through the middle bead with your wire after doing the middle spike-leaf.

Using the other wire, and starting at the other side, finish the last two spike-leaves. Weave your wire back through the edges finish off your pineapple, or tie off if you used string. That’s it!

Thanks again, ForestPoodle88, and everyone here at Hedgehog Hollow.

~ FlamyFox13

Thank you FlamyFox13 for your awesome, summery contribution to International Beading Week! (Earrings using the pineapple pattern and my watermelon one would be cool, just saying)

Happy Beading,


P.S. Did FlamyFox13 really write her thank you to everyone at Hedgehog Hollow? Does she realize there’s only me, Nicole and Sophie? Oh well. . .😛


One thought on “International Beading Week – Day 6 – Guest Post – Pineapple

  1. Yes, ForestPoodle88, l realize it’s only you, Nicole and Sophie. But that wasn’t what l meant. I mean thank you to anyone who reads this blog, for reading my post (or something like that).


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