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2 Years on Hedgehog Hollow!!!

(See, I made a header-image-thing!!)

Hello everyone, and welcome to our special second anniversary edition post!

Are you startin’ without ME?

Hey, you’re blocking the camera, Sophie! And, no, I’m just introducing the post.


Okay, now you can start.

So, as I was saying, this is our special edition second anniversary post. I’m Nicole-

And I’m the Amazing Sophie that you all love!

Sorry, lighting change!

Welcome back to Hedgehog Hollow, and I hope you enjoy the show!

Okay, so first off, we want to say thank you for 512 views! Thank you to everyone who reads this blog! There’s probably as many views as sprinkles in this bag! And, no, I don’t know why they’re in a . . . bag.

Um, we’re counting down backwards, in case Cole forgot to tell you. So, 65 posts since we started, not includin’ this one! That sounds like a lot!

Uh, Sophie, why are you still wearing squirrel ears?

Oh, just because I can.

And we have 22 followers! Yay!

Also . . .

We have 22 comments! Actually, wait, they’re all from Auntiy FlamyFox.

We have visitors from 18 different countries too!

And apparently ForestPoodle used 16 safety pins in the last post! That’s what I was told to say! But she only gave us half of them for the picture.

Weird thing to add in. Okay, now the real countdown begins.

11 books and we need a ton more! I wanna get 30 by the end of the next year!

10 or more room changes over the course of this blog! Yeah, ForestPoodle88 really likes redoing it!

Uh, Nicole, Sophie, look at the camera next time, ‘kay?

8 –

Uh, where did 9 go?

Well, seven kinda ate nine, so nine couldn’t make it. Anyhoo, 8 pillows! Yay!

*pillow fight starts erupting and ForestPoodle88 hurries to stop it*

Approximately 7 x 2 pictures of doll shoes . . . I don’t get this one. Why are doll shoes so cool?! Um, and Sophie, you’re not even wearing any shoes!

I know. Don’t you like my feet?

6 birthdays, even though only one was put on here! We’re just gonna celebrate the other ones quick now, if that’s okay. Just a little dance.

5 cousins! Me, Charlotte, Emilia, Hailey and Sophie! Um, that’s not a fantastic picture. As usual, Hail’s the only one looking at the camera.

4 pets, includin’ Horsey Dear who is not just ours! Also, do you wanna know how long it took to get this picture? Jack Sloth’s not slow, you know!

We’ve been here through 3 Girl of the Years! Or is it Girls of the Year?

Or Girls of the Years?

Uh, whatever it is, we’ve been here since Luciana. Then came, what was her name, Blake?

No, it was Blaire, Nicole.

Right, sorry. And now it’s . . . uh, we don’t have anything for her.

There’s my flip-flops.

Does Joss even have flip-flops?

We could use this turtle statue. 

But she doesn’t have a turtle. That was Lea!

I know. We’re going to have to do something Joss-y before the year’s up!




and sisters!!

And 1 human! (You really though you were going to get a picture of me?! XD)

*  *  *

Happy 2 Years of Hedgehog Hollow!!! It’s hard to believe it’s really been 2 years since I first sat down to make Hedgehog Hollow! :) Thank you to everyone following and reading this little blog and thank you sooooo much to all the doll bloggers still out there blogging. You guys are an inspiration and all of you are so awesome! I wouldn’t be here without all those blogs that made me want to start my own and those that keep me going.

I don’t really want to rain on all the nice things Sophie and Nicole brought up, but Sophie was right when she said FlamyFox13, my sister, is the only one who has ever posted a comment. (Excluding my own comments and spam, of course.) If you really like one of my posts, or even if something mildly intrigued you, it would mean more to me than you would probably ever know if you commented. Even a simple smiley face would send me over the top in joy!

So, yes, thank you all! Doll bloggers of the world must unite!

And doll-bloggy-thing taker-overers!

Yes, thanks, Nicole.

Have a great day – spread some joy!

-ForestPoodle88, Sophie, Nicole and of course Wilhelmina, Moma Hazel, Jack Sloth and Horsey Dear (a.k.a. the whole Hedgehog Hollow crew!)

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