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Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #2

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Day 2 of the amazing Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge! I, the notorious Nicole . . . will be your host, I guess?


Okay, so first is me, in my lovely cupcake nightgown and slippers. They’re all made by ForestPoodle88, but I really wish those cupcakes were real. (To Charlotte: What?! I’m hungry!)


And here’s Hailey wearing her nightgown. I don’t think she likes to eat fairies though. She’s also got on her watermelon slippers and has Sirius the fox. Oh, and it’s all made by Auntie FlamyFox.


Here’s Sophie relaxing on MY bed! Well, not really, I guess. Anyhow, Sophie’s wearing her pajama-top-thing and just a pair of regular shorts, which ForestPoodle88 made. Auntie FlamyFox made Soph’s slippers.


Charlotte has on her pajama-top-thing, butterfly shorts and her yellow slippers, all made by Auntie FF (FlamyFox takes too long to type out each time, sorry Auntie!).



And this is what you’ve all been waiting for! The first group picture! In pajamas. . . And none of us are staring at the camera except for Hailey. We need to work on that one.

I think I got everything for today . . . Nope, wait, I forgot one thing. They were all complete outfits because we all had shoes and two articles of clothing! (Hail and I had on our underwear, which apparently counts.)

Okay, now that’s everything.

Nicole is signing off!

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