Dolls · Photo Shoot

Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #4

Hello ev’ryone! It’s finally my turn! So, it’s me here today and I don’t have anythin’ to say, so I am just going to get started.

Oh, ya, thanks Hailey. She says I should tell you who I am. It’s Sophie. Now, I’m gettin’ started.


Here is my favourite cousin, Hailey (just kiddin’, they’re all my favourites!). She’s wearing her polka dot bathing suit and nice purple shorts. And she’s got a cool headband-thing. All of it’s made by Auntiy FlamyFox13.

Oh, and those are Emi’s shoes in the corner, but I don’t think they’re in her picture, so I’m tellin’ you about them now. Auntie FlamyFox13 made them for her.


Here’s me in a pair of shorts (maybe my favourite pair) that ForestPoodle88 made, because I don’t have a bathing suit yet. I didn’t have a shirt, but I’ve got that white stuff, so.. . I really like my flip-flops. ForestPoodle88 made those too.


This is Charlotte, wearing absolutely nothin’! Ya, nothin’, but at least she put flipitty-floppittys on, and she’s got her white underclothes, so again, it is all o-kay. I didn’t do much better. Besides, she’s havin’ fun at the beach. Aunti FlamyFox13 made the shoes. (And Auntiy OceanHorse36  made the foam float-y thing.)


And last is Emilia, who let us use her beach for our pictures and stuff. It helped that she was already wearin’ her bathing suit top and underwear anyway. Auntie OceanHorse36 made the top and headband, and ForestPoodle88 made the underwear. Emi is ready to get in the water! I like her top. Flamingoes are awesome!

(That should be your new favourite animal, Charlotte!)

And here’s the group – no,wait, I forgot my own sister, didn’t I? Oh, well, she can get her picture in nex’ time. (You’re sayin’ I’m not ‘llowed to do that? Really? Okay, fine.)


Here’s Nicole, who looks like she’s havin’ a lot of fun in the water! She’s got her bathing suit made by ForestPoodle88 and her headband. Nicole’s hair is cool today. Oh,wait, did anyone mention that part? We’re just tryin’ to do different things to our hair each day too.


Now here, finally, is the group picture. All of us, at the nice beach. Oh no! I don’t know what the beach is called! . .. And  . .I don’t think anyone else does either.

Okay, that’s today’s stuff. I’ll see you tomorrow in whatever I’m wearin’!

— Sophie :)

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