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Tribute to Sophie, um, sort of | By Nicole and Victoria

Hi everyone! It’s Nicole and Victoria here! We figured ForestPoodle wouldn’t do anything for Sophie’s birthday because she always forgets –


Yep, so we decided WE would do something for Sophie! 

And then we wanted to collect pictures and everything, but she’d already done that herself, so we’re just going to share Sophie’s favourite memories with you, along with her captions, because honestly, they’re funnier than I am.

That’s not true, you’re plenty funny!

Yeah, but I’m not funny plenty like Sophie is. 

That’s cause you’re trying to do dad jokes, Toria. Those are hard to get good at.

I know. It’s probably ’cause I’m not a dad . . . But my sister jokes are pretty good, right, Nicole?

Uh, yeah, sure, but let’s get back to why we’re here.

Oh, yeah, so without further ado about absolutely nothing and everything, I present to you . . . 

*long pause*

Uh, Nicole, you were supposed to say ‘duh duh duhnnnnn’.

Oh, sorry. Duh duh DUHNNNNN!

*whispers* Excellent.

*also whispers* Thanks.

 . . . Sophie’s photo album! That doesn’t sound as dramatic out loud.

It’s okay, let’s just show them the pictures! We took them all ourselves! Well, I took them, even though V’s better at photography, because I have to work on mine. Anyway, here we go.

I’m dressed like a coral because it’s fun. I make a very nice coral.

Oh, I remember this! I got dressed up like an orca! And Hailey was a clamshell and Emilia was a seahorse and Charlotte was an octopus! It was lots of fun!

This is me and Emilia ready for spring in the middle of winter.

Uh, there’s no snow in this picture . . . are you sure it was the middle of winter?

Well, yeah, it was the no-snow part of the middle of winter! 

Here’s Charlotte, Nicole, Hailey and me at STEM Camp doing lego Rovers. Lots of fun.

Everything is lots of fun with Sophie.

I’m all ready for camp. You have to pack a lot of things for camp! It was a Girl Guide one.

From the post that was never posted.

This is when we got Wilhelmina. She’s adorable, right? Except I always forget to collect her eggs.

And yet she still likes Sophie! But not me.

Here’s Hailey, me and Viktauriah at Summer on the Farm Camp with the tractor. Tractors, cats and Hailey are all fun!

Hey, it’s another Victoria! I’d like to meet this cat someday!

I’ll get Hailey to bring her next time she comes. Hailey’s due to come over anyway.

Nicole and I got lost on our blog’s birthday. It turned 1. Horsey Dear found us.

Horsey Dear was so kind that day.

Here’s me writing my story called Dolphina’s Adventure. It’s a great book. You should read it.

Fortunately for you, you can! Right here.

Okay, hold up, Nicole, I gotta put the link in. Alright, now here.

Happy Birthday to me!

This was the one year that ForestPoodle88 actually remembered all of our birthdays . . . 

Hey, at least we’re celebrating Sophie’s!

Nicole sent me on a super fun clue hunt to find her. She gave me green olives. It was very nice of her.

Aww, you gave her your green olives? That’s so sweet!

Well, I don’t exactly like green olives . . . 

I made an experiment when Nicole filmed me for a whole day. It exploded very nicely.

No, it was not a nice explosion. 

This was when we had to wear homemade clothes. Charlotte and I ran out of shirts. Nicole and Hailey didn’t.

We should try that again now that I’m here!

Here’s me and Hailey up a tree on a island at the cabin. It was a kind tree to let us do that.

Uh, trees can’t stop you from climbing them . . . 

Nicole and I are so good at annoying FP88 that we got to write a post on it.

Yes, we are fantastic at it!

This is me at the big bookshelf with my new backpack and Nicole’s fluffy boots that should be mine.

Actually, they should be mine.

Hey, they’re my boots! I got them for Christmas!

At Halloween, Nicole and I made friends with Cerberus. Cerberus has 3 very cute heads. [On the left side: #cute x3 (one cute for each head)]
Aww, Cerberus IS soooo cute!

This is me with Horsey Dear, Jack Sloth, Moma Hazel and Wilhelmina for our blog’s second birthday.

We kinda forgot to celebrate its third birthday . . . 

This is me, Victoria and Nicole’s first meal together. It’s when I got my second sister! She’s fun.

Hey, I’m in the photo album now!

Me, Victoria and Nicole went skate-boarding except we all did it in skirts or dresses.

Well, it’s not like we have skateboarder clothes.

This was at Thinking Day! Nicole gave us a very nice lesson and we ate our sisters. Well, we ate Brownies.

They were very tasty sisters.

We got lots of books, but I made my Book-o-meter insufficient, so now we need more books.

She spelt ‘metre’ wrong!

Yeah, but she’s right that we need more books! I’m almost done the Land of Stories series!

This is me and Charlotte when I went over to find out what proteinaceous meant. She was playing pirates.

Playing pirates is great!

It sure is. Okay, now what do we do now that we’re done?

Uh, we tell everyone how great Sophie is and how lucky we are to have her as a sister and how funny she is and cute and awesome and – 

Take a breath, Toria! But yes, Sophie is absolutely amazing and we hope she has a magical birthday!

Happy Birthday Sophie!

*really long pause while we carry out dolly things*

Okay, we got some pictures for you of Sophie – and us – on this spectacularly special day!

The magnitude of special is astounding!

There’s only one extraordinary day you get to turn one exact year older!

*both collapse into giggles and forget about the blog post*

Oh, um, bye!

And happy birthday Sophie! You look stunning in this picture!

– Victoria and Nicole

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