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Homemade Doll Clothing Challenge|Day #1


So… This is Charlotte here, and I’m supposed to commentate on the first day of our doll clothing challenge. But, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to start with, so why don’t we just hop into it. Oh, and excuse my spellin’ or saying words wrong.

Oh, right, sorry. I should explain the challenge. It’s pretty obvious what the challenge is though. FlamyFox13 posts a pitcher of each of us in a entarly homemade outfit, for as many days as we can, one pitcher of each of us every day, until none of us have any clothes left.

Right. Anyone else have anything to add?

Nicole: Yeah. You have to be wearing at least two articles of CLOTHING for it to count as a full outfit. . . and you should have shoes unless you’re at the beach!

FlamyFox13: Charlotte, I’m going to add something too, and then I will leave you alone. This is a collaboration with my sister, ForestPoodle88, and her dolls (from Hedgehog Hollow). Also, each doll gets a turn to “host”, or write the posts.   (For anyone reading this at Hedgehog Hollow itself, this is a collaboration with FlamyFox13 and her dolls from Peace in the Pines. All posts will be on both blogs.)

Okay, let’s hop to it. 


This is me in my outfit. I wore my favourite shirt, my favourite leggings, and my favourite socks. FlamyFox embaredered my leggings.

Nicole: Also. . . you forgot to say who made each clothe. And I mean each clothe. 

Okay, okay Nicole. I’m talking today. So Aunty ForestPoodle made my shirt and socks, and FlamyFox made my leggings.


Nicole here is wearing her very groovy pants, and a tank top. I didn’t wear jewaliree, but Nicole wore lots of rings and bracelets. Oh yeah, those are homemade too. And Nicole is wearing a ribbon around her head- eppartenly it’s a 60s thing.

Stop talking everyone! My turn. ( I cut out what they said!) Auntie ForestPoodle made all of what Nicole wore.


Hailey wore a really warm sweater, pants kind of like Nicole’s- only not groovy- and her favourite socks. She’s not wearing a shirt underneath, but Aunty (is that how it’s spelled?) ForestPoodle says it’s okay.

Oh, FlamyFox made her sweater and pants, Auntee made her socks.


And here is Sophie. I think this might be her favourite t-shirt, or I think it should be. It’s also her only, but I only have one t-shirt too. But it’s not homemade. Sophie also wore a blue skirt, leggings, and… Sophie, what are those shoes called?

Sophie: Um. Shoes!

Okay, so Sophie is wearing shoes.

And I think that’s it for today. Does anyone else need to add something? Or can we just say see you tomorrow? No? Good.

Oh, ForestPoodle made all of what Sophie’s wearing.

See you tomorrow!

~ Charlotte ~


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