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Cooking with Cole – Episode 1

🎵 Cole the Cooker! Can she bake it? Cole the Cooker! Yes, she can!🎵

Hello everyone, and welcome to Cooking with Cole! 

I’m Nicole the Cooker, your host for this new and exciting show! Today we will be making chocolate ice cream, so gather your ingredients!

You will need: heavy whipping cream, sugar, cocoa – wait, you need to wash your hands first! (I already washed mine – see? Mommy had to hold me over the counter!)

Okay, ad break while you wash your hands.

Would you like to buy a cow, but can’t? Do you want add sparkle to your life, but don’t know how?

Well, then I’ve got the thing for you! A unicorn!

This unicorn is available at and is only half my height! She is the perfect size for keeping in your bedroom and will not make your mommy mad! 

Okay, she probably will, but still!

Remember, this unicorn is only available for a limited time until my next show!

You’re back? ‘kay, good. Let’s get started!

You need: (I’m kinda repeating myself here.) sugar; heavy whipping cream; cocoa powder; a Nicole-sized spatula, bowl and spoon; one of those pouring-liquid-measuring-cup things; a 1 teaspoon measuring-spoon thing; a whisk/beater thing; a 1/2 teaspoon measuring thing; a 1/4 teaspoon measuring thing; a freezer and yeah!

Basically, a whole bunch of “things”!

Oh no! I forgot something! I need an apron! All good cookers have aprons!

Okaaay, here you go, Nicole. It’s the smallest I’ve got.

But Mommy, it’s way too big!

I know. We’ll knot it up so it fits and I’ll make you a better one for the next episode.


Wait! I forgot something else! Don’t cookers always have smudges of flour on their noses?

No, not always, and also, the proper term is ‘cook’ or ‘chef’, not ‘cooker’.

Well, still, I need a smudge of flour on my nose!

*sigh* Here’s the flour. . .

Alrighty! We’re finally ready to roll!

First, put 1/3 of a cup of that heavy, whip cream stuff in your nice, me-sized bowl.

Now whisk it . . . (Mommy helped me – the whisk was too big) . . . keep whisking it . . . (Mommy switched to a fork) . . .whisk it some more . . . 

10 MINUTES LATER . . . still whisking

Okay, Mommy, let’s try something else! 

I’ll try using the hand mixer, but no way do you get to try! A hand mixer is too powerful for a person of 18 inches.

Aaaaww . . .

After your whip cream is successfully whipped into soft peaks – the kind that mostly fall over – add in 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Now add – ooopps! Don’t drop your cocoa powder in too early like I did! 

Anyhow, add in 1/2 a teaspoon of cocoa powder . . .

. . . let me scrape off the measuring thing . . .

. . . stir it up . . .

. . . add 1/4 teaspoon of chocolate extract  . . .and stir it up again.

The chocolate extract is completely optional – we only used it because it was in the house.

Okay, now take your spatula and scrape the not-frozen, not-finished ice cream back into a smaller bowl. You only have to do this step if you can’t fit the bowl in the freezer.

Or, if your bowl isn’t freezer-safe.

Yeah, that.

Now, put it in the freezer and wait and wait and wait some more.

Nicole, you put your ice cream mix in the refridge, not the freezer!

I did not!

Um, yeah, you did.  *gets up and puts ice cream in freezer herself*

Finally, lick off the spatula and spoons and stuff. 

Mmmm. . .

Mommy suggests taking the ice cream out after 30-45 minutes and stirring it before putting it back in the freezer.

I suggest doing this twice and putting the ice cream in the refridge – er, sorry, fridge – 5-10 minutes before eating.


Yum! This ice cream is so good!

Nicole, you have ice cream all over your face!

What can I say? – it’s good ice cream!

Well, I guess that’s it, and thank you for watching Cooking with Cole! Nicole the Cooker is leaving!

Umm. . .

Er – signing off?


So there you go: the first episode of my new series, Cooking with Cole!

Here are some behind the scenes shots and my notes on this.

Nicole is way to short for the counter, and I don’t have a doll kitchen, so Nicole had to stand on the piano bench and the vegetable seed bin. 😆

Nicole is also way too short for my apron too – even though it’s actually a bit too small for me. I had to tie up both strings! (And yes, that’s our dog Charlie in the corner. He wanted to steal some ice cream.)

Next time, I’ll make an apron for Nicole so she doesn’t have trip over the edge of a long one!

I had to help Nicole with quite a few things (whisking, putting her ice cream in the refridge, pouring ice cream), and I had a hard time using elastics so she can hold things. The kitchen utensils were too heavy!

Any suggestions on what Nicole should cook/bake/make next time?




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