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Easter Egg Hunt

I have a photostory for you all today, in honour of Easter. The girls will talk in their normal colours – Nicole in green and Sophie in orange. Enjoy!

‘There are eggs to be found! Ready, set . . . go!’

And the girls are off, hoping to find the most eggs and the best hiding spots.

Ha! I have found the first egg!

‘kay, fine. But I will find the next one! . . . 

Also, Nicole, what are you wearin’?

Just my best summer dress and my bonnet. Oh, and my winter boots of course. Perfectly normal.

Um . . . why?

In case I need to go out and find eggs in Wilhelmina’s chicken coop. 

But we brought her coop in for the winter , ‘member? It’s right ova’ there.

Oh, yeah. Ooops. Maybe I don’t need the boots . . . but they still go well with my outfit!

Um, Nicole?

What now?

You’re reachin’ for the wrong egg!

Oh, am I? Oh, well, this egg need to be collected anyways!

I’m headin’ for the dinin’ room. There might be more eggs there. 

Good plan. I’ll come too!

But then you’ll get all the eggs first!


Aah! There’s only tea in the teapot!

Ya. What did you expect? An egg?

Yes! It would have been such a good hiding place!

There’s one in the lettuce, you know. 

Oh, thanks!

*some time later*

I don’t think there are any more eggs, Nicole.

Oh. That’s too bad, I was having fun.

Ya. Me too. 

There’s still at least one more, Sophie. I’ll play ‘Hot and Cold’ with you until you get it. You’re cold.

*shuffles slowly around the table*   How about now? 

Getting warmer . . .

*shuffles further*   Now?


*bends down*

Burning hot.

Got it! Yay Nicole! We did it! We got eggs!

We never checked what’s inside of them.

Well, Wilhelmina’s egg has yolk and stuff. We know that.


An’ this egg’s got a chocolate bar! Youpie!

*               *                *            *

HappEasteto every one who celebrates it and we hope you are having a nice dinner with your direct family at home, or something like that. Maybe we can’t see our family and friends as usual, but we can still celebrate in our own little ways. 

Also, for those of you dolls, or people, that may be worried – apparently the Prime Minister of New Zealand has declared the Easter Bunny an essential service. So don’t worry, the Easter Bunny can still visit! (I don’t live in New Zealand, but still.)

We hope your families are all safe and healthy and coping well with being stuck at home.

– ForestPoodle88🐩, Nicole🐑 and Sophie🐄 (and Wilhelmina, of course)

4 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Sophie!!!!! I was definitely laughing out loud at your comments. I really can’t understand how anyone finds that much time to be funny in the middle of an easter egg hunt.
    ~ FlamyFox13


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