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I Made a Doll Shirt Without a Pattern!

Hello! Today I finished a cute little shirt for Sophie!I know it’s a t-shirt and the weather here is still cold, but then again I did make those shorts in the middle of winter. . . 😄

I’m pretty pleased with how the shirt turned out especially because I didn’t really use a pattern! I am in the process of making a pattern from this shirt though, so stay tuned for that.

(Update November ’19: Patterns are harder to make than I thought! I don’t think you will be seeing a pattern for this shirt, but maybe for other things.)

It velcros in the back which makes it really easy to get on and off and I added a pocket for “visual interest”.

I really like this picture; she just looks so cute and the shadow makes it look cool too.

Here’s a close up of the pocket and the appliqué I added.

I decided to do a mini photo shoot of Soph in her new summer clothes and my younger sister thought she was a bit lonely there by herself.

Long story short, I ended up getting TWO dolls for my photo shoot, both decked out in spring wear!


The other doll is my sister’s Emilia, one of Sophie’s cousins and best friends.


I’ve been feeling very spring-y myself today – despite the fact that it’s rainy and gloomy outside!

Happy Spring🌸!

– ForestPoodle88 🐩


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