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Throwback Thursday: Old Pictures

Recently my dad found these old Little Tikes cameras that my sister FlamyFox13 ( and I had when we were a lot younger. I think we might have been 3 or 4 years old when we got them.

Our first attempts at photography are actually rather funny so I thought I’d share some of them with you.

We took a lot of pictures of (blurry) people (this picture above might have been of one of my sisters, or me). . . . . .

. . . pizza (FlamyFox13 took 36 pizza pics in a row!😯). . .

. . . and our playmobil toys.

We also took images of toys, floors and feet (feet?! why did we do that?!?). I am generally saying  “we” because my sister FlamyFox13’s camera was not always in her possession (nor was mine). We tended to mix up our cameras a lot!

Here’s FlamyFox13 taking picture of herself in the mirror using my camera.

And here’s our Christmas tree one year! Didn’t I do an amazing job focusing the picture?

Around Easter we first tried using a backdrop! (Probably a piece of paper.) My sister held the paper while I took the pictures, just like we did this summer when taking pictures in her room.😂

These were our ‘Space Bug’ cupcakes for our birthday. That picture is actually pretty good!👏

Why is Lego person Kate wearing reins and a horse saddle!??🐴

This is probably one of the best pictures FlamyFox13 took! I have to say, probably a third of the photos we took were of our little brother and sister! Once, FlamyFox13 even took photos of a whole yoga book, one page at a time.🤣

I’m glad my photography has improved, even if I’m still not the best at it. That’s all for today; Happy Throwback Thursday!

– ForestPoodle88

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