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How to Make a Doll Compass

A couple years ago for Christmas, I got a compass and last year I was planning to make one for my dolls because I think they are cool.

However, I never got around to it and so in December, I came across the stuff for it again, and decided to make them. These compasses have moving needles and and are a nice doll size. This does require some unusual supplies, but is fairly easy to make and does not take long.

Let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

  • scissors and/or pliers
  • 1 diadem pin or similar
  • sticker paper or paper and glue
  • coloured paper
  • 1 contact lens case
  • white glue
  • a chip of a strong magnet
  • regular magnet or sticker backed magnet paper
  • a pencil



Cut out a circle from coloured paper that is 2 cm in diameter.

Cut out a circle from the sticker paper that is about 2.8 – 3 cm in diameter.

If desired cut out circle part of the contact lens case, making sure there is still enough space for the sticker paper to attach.


You should now have 3 pieces: a larger circle from sticker paper (the back), a smaller circle from coloured paper (the inside) and the contact lens case (the cover).

Cut the diadem pin to a little over 6 mm, keeping the smaller portion with the dull end.

Cut a short thin slice of the magnet sticker paper and poke the trimmed diadem pin through it, near one of the ends. The slice of magnet paper will be your needle in the compass. Make sure it can move smoothly then remove the pin. You may want to use the discarded sharp pin to help poke the hole.

Stick the sticker paper circle to the coloured paper circle, centering the papers. With a fine tip black marker, write the letters N, S, E and W in the corresponding spots. N goes at the top, S at the bottom, E on the right side and W on the left side.

Poke the diadem pin up the back of the papers, ensuring you place it in the very middle.

Put the needle on the pin and (making sure that the needle nor the pin are too long), glue on the strong magnet chip.

Wait for it to dry.

Put a little sticker paper on the back so that the pin doesn’t fall and stick it on well.

Place the cover on top, over the sticky edge.

Using a strong magnet near the cover, you can moving the needle to where ever you want.

That’s it! Now your dear dolls won’t get lost on their way to school! (Or perhaps when they are exploring the old forest😉).

Happy New Year!

-ForestPoodle88 🐩



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