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The Past Presents . . . How to Make a Doll Yo-yo

Hello! This is sort of a Throwback Thursday, but not on a Thursday, clearly. I made a yo-yo sometime before Victoria arrived last year, and Nicole and Sophie gave it to her then. But I actually took pictures when I made it, so I’ve got a quick craft for you all today! Some of the pictures are sideways, I’m not sure why, but it should still all be okay.

Okay, so here are the supplies, more or less. You’ll need some clay (I used blue Model Magic because it’s light, but something different will likely work too), a needle and thread, a small section of a regular-sized straw and a hot glue gun. The dime’s just there for reference.

So the first thing to do is make two small dome shapes out of your clay. Mine, as you can see, are a bit smaller then a dime. I don’t know if dimes exist in the United States (can anyone confirm or deny this?), so maybe that wasn’t the best reference . . . A dime’s about the same size as a penny, although we don’t have those in Canada! (At least, not anymore.)

Okay, so let your clay dry, or bake it or do whatever you need to do to get it ready for assembly.

Thread your needle with maybe 30 centimetres, or 12 inches (this is an estimate, I honestly have no clue!) and tie a good knot in the one end. If it ends up too long, just cut it later.

Cut a piece of straw about 5-7 millimetres or 3/8 of an inch. Again, not exact here, but it doesn’t really need to be.

Stick your needle through the middle of one edge of your straw piece . . .

. . . and pull it through so it looks like this! Your knot should be on the inside.

Now use hot glue to attach a dome to each open end of the straw piece. Keep your thread out of the way as best as you can.

Wind the thread around the straw, tie a loop in one end and you’re all set to yo-yo!

(There’s no actual yo-yo mechanisms to this though . . . that would be a complicated craft and I was trying not to do that. I think I am going to post those complicated crafts though, because I’ve done quite a few, just not exactly as a tutorial – is that something you want to see? )

Also, I’m working on a project that should yield multiple posts (yay!), so I’d like to know if any of you have any questions for Nicole, Sophie or Victoria. Or me. Or the pets, but that seems a little odd . . . I don’t think ‘cluck’ is the answer you’re looking for! And don’t be afraid to ask really random questions! The dolls all excel at randomness!

Have a very nice day!


4 thoughts on “The Past Presents . . . How to Make a Doll Yo-yo

  1. Yay, ForestPoodle88 did a simple craft for once. It’s so cute!

    The Peace in the Pines coven definitely have some questions.
    Questions from Hailey:
    For Sophie: What on Earth do you get up to when Charlotte comes to play? Because she never comes home looking like she did when she left!
    For Toria: Do you want to go on an adventure? Maybe one that involves kitchens?
    For Nicole: Can I steal your new hat?

    Questions from Charlotte:
    For Nicole: When are you going to post on the bloggy thing again???? We need Notorious Nicole back.
    For Sophie: Umm, has Wilhelmina ever crossed the road?
    For Toria: What are your most recent 5 favourite animals?
    For Jack Sloth: What’s your favourite food?

    Questions from Saila:
    For Toria: What’s your favourite place in the whole world?
    For Nicole: What’s your favourite season, and why?
    For Sophie: If you could become one thing other than yourself, what would that be?

    ~ FlamyFox13


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