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International Beading Week – Day 5 – Canada Pin

You know those safety pin Canadian flags? (Well, maybe you don’t, especially if you live in a different country. Either way . . .)

What follows is my variation on those pins. Made from the same supplies, but a different pattern, this pin will proclaim your love for Canada!

Materials Needed:

  • 17 average-sized safety pins
  • 2 extra-large safety pins (that’s probably not what they’re called, but you get what I mean)
  • Over 40 white seed beads (size 10)
  • Over 100 red seed beads (size 10)

Here’s the pattern. Each column is 1 safety pin, and there are 9 beads on each safety pin.

String the beads from each column onto a safety pin and then onto the extra-large safety pin.

After all the smaller safety pin are on one large safety pin, open the other large safety pin and thread it through the other end of the smaller pins. (Refer to the image of the completed project.)

Whatever you do, do not say ‘I’m done’ or ‘I’m finished’ once you are done!

I was at a Girl Guide camp a couple years ago and we were making these (it was actually there that I made up this pattern). Whenever one of the other girls said she was done, all her safety pins or beads or something would fall off! After this had happened to a couple people, we declared a ban on the ‘d-word’ (done), but that didn’t stop a different girl from accidentally spilling all the beads on the picnic table😆!

Happy Beading,


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