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International Beading Week – Day 9 – Bracelet

It’s funny, the week is drawing to a close and yet this is the first bracelet pattern. A bracelet or necklace is what people would normally think of when they think of ‘beading’, but for some reason, I am more inclined to think of bead pets first. I actually had to ponder what I was going to do today for quite some time before FlamyFox13 reminded me of bracelets!

This bracelet is made using a similar technique to the bead pets, but passing through only one bead as opposed to the whole row.

Materials Needed:

  • Approximately 100 cm (1 meter) of fishing line/thread/stretchy beading string

For each panel:

  • 2 larger beads of colour A (mine are yellow) (an extra bead is needed for the first panel)
  • 1 larger bead of colour B or C (alternating; mine are green and pink)
  • 8 size-10 seed beads of colour D (mine are grey/silver)
  • (neither the dime nor the green beads are needed materials; they are simply there because I wanted to show a size  comparison and because I was going to use the green beads but didn’t)

I have 13 panels on mine, but you may need more or less depending on wrist size. With the beads I was using, four panels equal to 5 cm long, but that too can vary.

1.Thread the beads for the first panel onto the string (I’m using pink thread just so that you readers can see it). Start with the colour A bead at the top and string the other ones on each side; add the colour B bead to one side.

2.Now go through the colour B bead with the other side of the string, insuring it comes out of the bead on the opposite side from the other string.

3.Pull tight and you have completed the first panel!


4.String the beads for the next panel on, again stringing them on each side with the colour C bead on one side only.

5.Bring the end of the string not through the colour C bead through it, like in step 2 above.

6.Pull tight and you have two panels complete!

7.Continue in this way until the bracelet is long enough.

If your bracelet is made of stretchy string:

8.String on the final panel, but omit the colour B or C bead.

9.Bring the two strings up and pass them through the very first bead on the bracelet, one on each side, as if this bead is the colour B or C bead for that panel.

10.Tie it off and secure the knot with glue or clear nail polish.


If your bracelet is not made of stretchy string:

8.String on a clasp in place of the final colour C or B bead.

9.Complete the panel as normal.

10.Tie a knot to hold it in place and secure with glue or clear nail polish.

To wear, clip the clasp onto the first panel as if it is a loop (which it is, but you know what I mean).

That’s it! You now have cool, new bracelet!

Happy Beading,


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