We did it!

aha! We did it! we stole the computer and snuck into Mommys wordpress thingy! This is nicole here and…

i, sophie, am here too.

a couple minutes laterr

we’ve decidded to typ everything we say, exactly as we say it, cause we don’t actually have anything prepared. We just stole thhe computerr and didn’t think about whut to do once we have it.

but, Nicole, how’re they gonna kno who’s talkin’?

Ummmm, I guess wwe could use that colour thing that Mommy does.

How we gonna do that?

Like this!

But Mommmy already gave us each a colour, dinin’t she?

Oh, yeah. There we go. You type in orange and I’ll typ in greeen.

ya, that’s bettur. but i I stillll cant spehll.

It’s okay, just do yourr best. now, how do we get picttures?

I dunno.

maybe we just take picturres and it will popp up in this post-thingy?

Wheres momy’s camra? Iyull go get it.

it should be in that drawere of her’s. Good luck getttingf up the stairs.

Tanks. Ill be back.

10ish minuts later.

I got it! Hewe, ill takk your pictur!



you really needd to worfk on your spelling!

oh. click. click. click. (tha’s the sond  sound m ommy’s camra makes)

is it working?

I dont think so.

oh. Oops. colour thing isn’t on! Oh, there we go!

I tok a foto of me, but it dinint  work.

Here, i’ll try. click-click-click. let’s take one of those selfy things.

OOOOOooooppps!!!!!!!!!! I droppped Mommyy’S camra! Oo no!!!!!!


yOU PROBLY PRESSED THE CAPS LOCK BUTTUN. hERE, iLL FIX IT. There we goe. Can we play around on the computa noww?

Sure, but don’t press thaty caps lock button.

Okay. See if I press this buttin, 

  • it turns it intoo a bullet list thing…
  • Waht about the button beside it?
  1. Then we get uh nummberrd list.


Oh. Let’s make a list of something!

Our favoriite anmals?


  1. Sharks, cause theyre cute
  2. Panda bears, cause they’re cute
  3. FIne, unicorns. . . 
  4. Puppy dogs
  5. Draygonz
  6. yeah, dragons and kitty c-


Uh oh. . . Mommy just yelled and asked us what we’re doing! 

We’d bettuh leeve ‘fore Mommy catches us!


Yeah, Bye.

Oh dear, what have those dollies done? Yep, it’s ForestPoodle88 here.

And why is there this random bullet point thing at the end of all this text? It just keeps on moving.😆

I stole some pictures of them while they were running away, just ’cause it was kinda funny.

So here they are.

Here’s the two of them typing their last words before running away.

And here they are running away even though I’m not mad at them at all! I think it’s quite amusing that they tried to write their own post. 😜I don’t think they actually know how to post things though, so I’d better finish this and post it for them.

It also appears that they tried to take their own pictures, right?

So I’d better show you that they are actually worse with a camera then me!

I’m guessing Sophie took this picture, but I don’t know when.

(aside: Hey, Sophie, when exactly did you take these pictures? Oh, that one of Nicole I took jus’ afta I stole the cam’ra. . .Then I tried takin’ a picture of myself, but it dinin’t work. Then Nicole took photos of me, then herself, then we tried takin’ a selfie, then somethin’ happened that we not gonna tell you.)



So there you have it. I don’t know how they knew my wordpress password or anything, but somehow they did it. 😃

Nicole has a few last words for you all: Doll must unite in taking over these bloggy-things! We must let our voices be heard!

You know, Nicole, you can make a post anytime you want without taking over my blog. All you have to do is ask!

Yeah, but this is funner!


Nicole🐼, Sophie🦄 and ForestPoodle88🐩

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