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International Beading Week – Day 2 – Panda

For the second day of International Beading Week (IBW), we will be making another bead pet – a panda!

I’m hoping my diagrams are clear, but if they aren’t and you have any questions, please comment down below.

Materials Needed:

  • 16 round or faceted black beads
  • 25 white size-10 seed beads
  • 2 eye colour beads (blue/brown/green/grey/whatever you have on hand)
  • 1 pink bead
  • wire or string
  • pliers

How to do the ears:

  1. Thread the 5 white beads of the first row on your string/wire.
  2. Thread three black beads on each end of the wire.
  3. Put the wire on one end through the closest white bead.
  4. Continue beading the second row as shown yesterday. (All the following rows are done like this.)

To finish the panda, weave the wire back through the sides of the animal and fold back the tip of the wire so it doesn’t poke. If you are using string, you can just knot the ends as close to the panda as possible (clear nail polish works great for preventing knots from coming undone).

And that’s it for your cutie-pie panda!

Happy  Beading,


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