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Sophie’s Craft

Hello! It’s Sophie here today! I’ve been takin’ typin’ lessons, so I was thinkin’ I coud finally try and do my own take-over post. My spellin’ is not reelly better but thats okay. (for now)

I have a craft for you because my crafts are better than Mommy’s! (And my crafts are better for dolls to do!) I got my teecher at school – before all the shcools closed – to help me. I thought, okay, Mommie’s books are int’resting, but I, and you, could rite good books too. So, I made a timplate, got Nicole to help me print it out, got Hailey and then Nicole to take pictures and . . .ya! Now you have a bettah craft, from your dear Sophie! Aren’t you excited? Here’s the timplate. 

Make-Your-Own-Story Template 1 – pictures and words

Okay, you ready to start?

If you need help with anythin’ you can look at Mommey’s Fairy Tales Gone Wonky post. I know my craft is better but I don’t know if I’m better at esplainin’ things.

  1. Print out the timplate.
  2. Cut it out ‘long the lines that go from one side of the page to the other. You got to cut it so each row is still attached.(only cut – wait I forgot the word. Nicole, what do you call something that goes across in a line like the bottom of my skirt? Um, that’s horizontal, Sophie. – okay, so only cut horizont-ly.)
  3. Now’s the fun part! Write your story. Mine’s ’bout my dolfin, Dolphina. You can write it about anythin’. There’s also space for pictures, but if you want a timplate with more pictures or just words you can aask for that in the Contact page and we’ll give you it.
  4. You’ve also got to decorate your cuhver. You can use anythin’ you want for that. I used ribbun-stuff, speshul paper and markers. I DID NOT use the googuly eyes in the picture. Glue the cover to a piece of cardstock first so that it is not all floppy and falls over.
  5. Okay, got that done? It toook me a while. Now glu your pages together so they form one nice extra long line.
  6. Fold up your pages in a zig-zag way and glue them together like Momie did for the Fairy Tale book. Thry to get it as even as you can. I forgot to get Nicole or Hailey to take pictures of this part because it took me a really long time. Dolls, you should get a human person to do this part, it’s hard with smal fingurs.
  7. Fold the cuhver along the lines.
  8. The next part is also a human person part. I didn’t want to melt my fingurs. . . . And I forgot about pictures agin. It’s hard to remember to picturify every step! You got to get your human to put a line of hot glue (see the problem?) on the spine-thing of the inside of the cuhver and then stick the book part in. Now, if your human helped you prope’ly, you should have your very own book.

I’ll type up my story for you and maybe that can be posted next week because I am sure you want to heer my marvelous story!

’emember, my crafts are better!

Goood bye for now,

Sophie 🐬

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