Origami Foxes

I’ve been making thses little foxes for a while (probably a couple years) and now I have . . . 15 of them, all different colours!

I make them out of sticky notes whenever I find a new colour🎨, which isn’t all that often, but you know, I still have a lot. They are really easy to make and I’ve included instructions, so you can make your own fierce foxes🦊. First, let’s meet them all!


I know I said there’s 15 foxes, and there are only 14 shown above, but keep on reading, and you’ll meet the last (and newest) fox!

How to Make an Simple Origami Fox

1.Supplies Needed:

  • Your Hand
  • A Sticky Note or Other Square Piece of Paper
  • A Pencil (not shown because I forgot😜)


2.Fold the paper in half diagonally.


3.Fold the right tip in to the top point, aligning with the centre.


4. Repeat Step 3 on the left tip.


5.Flip the paper over. (This is so easy it hardly even counts as a step😆)


6.Fold the paper in half along the middle. The parts folded in Steps 3 and 4 should not get bent or folded in any way and should end up facing out.


7.Fold the side where the tips meet over by a bit over half a centimeter (on sticky note foxes) or as wide as you want the legs to be.


8.Flatten the nose then fold the leg and nose back to their original position ( it was before step 7)


9.Flip the fox over.


10.Fold back the other leg. It should easily fold at the same place as the other one.


11.Adjust his or her legs a little and stand them up.


12.Bend back the tail a bit if you want.


13.Draw on their eyes and nose . . .


14. . . . and customize by adding spots, furry chest/ear/tail or whiskers!


15. Finally, the most important step: naming your new fox! I like to write their names on their insides, and have a master copy of all names on a paper slipped in Sylvie’s back. Sylvie is my “Keeper of the Names”.


So there you have it: 15 simple steps to make a fox, and the name of my last fox. Yup, that’s Carlos the pink fox!

Carlos says thank you for making a fox and see you soon!

-ForestPoodle88 🐩 and Carlos🦊






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