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5 Simple Doll Food Crafts

Hello again! I know it’s been a bit since I last posted; I’ve been pretty busy, but then again, I’m nearly always pretty busy, so that’s no excuse. Either way, I’m here right now and I’ve got some cool, simple crafts.

Now, just because I’ve said that these crafts are simple does not mean they are easy. No, they are not hard, but they do require some time – they are not all super quick crafts.

I have just included pictures of the finished craft because I’m still not sure how much more photo storage I have, but you should be able to follow along well enough with just instructions.


Materials Needed:

  • white glue
  • green yarn
  • your fingers
  • a plastic lid, wax paper or some other surface glue doesn’t really stick to


  1. Take a long piece of yarn (about a ruler’s length).
  2. Put some glue onto your index finger and thumb.
  3. Holding the piece of yarn in the fingers of your other hand, run the gluey fingers down the length of the yarn. Try to cover the yarn in glue, but not so much that it is completely soaked through.
  4. Let dry. (When dry, they should be sort of floppy still, but stiffer than just yarn.)
  5. Cut into pieces about 1-2 inches long (do not measure; green beans are not all exactly the same length.).


Materials Needed:


  1. Draw an imperfect circle with a diameter (the widest part of the circle) of about 3.5 cm or 1.25 inches onto the genius.
  2. Cut this circle out.
  3. Use it to help you trace two more circles, each a bit smaller than the first. Cut them out.
  4. Use one of those circles to trace two more circles, smaller than the last two.
  5. Paint one side of the smallest two circles solid red.
  6. Paint all the other circles and the other side of the smallest cirlces a pale-ish red. Either mix in a bit of water to lighten the paint colour, or add in some white paint. (I’m pretty sure I used water on mine.) Let dry.
  7. Take the red paint and paint around the edges of each slice.
  8. Paint a thin line around the outside of each side and paint 6-9 lines from the centre of the side to the outside on each piece. (Use the image above for guidance.)
  9. Mod podge the edges of all the slices and the solid red sides of the small slices.
  10. Let dry and dot with black marker for pepper if you want.


Materials Needed:

  • thin brown cardboard
  • a large needle
  • a cutting board of some sort (preferably the fabric cutting kind)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil


  1. Using the ruler, draw a lot of 1 inch squares. (This can easily be done by drawing a 5 by 5 inch square and dividing it into 1 inch squares by drawing lines one inch apart from one side of the square to the other.)
  2. Cut all these squares out.
  3. Carefully, with a cutting board over your work surface, use the large needle to poke 9 holes in each cracker in a square formation. (Poke one hole close to each corner, one in the middle, and one on each side.) This part is tedious and boring, but it is worth it.


Materials Needed:

  • assorted colours of tissue paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • your hands


  1. Cut the tissue paper into about 3 inch (8.5 cm) squares.
  2. Crumple each square into a small ball.

In case you were wondering what kind of cereal this is, it’s kind of like corn puffs for Harry Potter/Wizarding World fans. If you want regular corn puffs, just use all yellow tissue paper.


Materials Needed:

  • scissors
  • scrap foam in any colours


  1. Cut the foam scraps into thin strips.
  2. Cut strips down to desired sprinkle length.


That’s all for today.

Happy Crafting,


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