Nicole’s Pledge

Okay, so today’s post is done by me, the amazing, the notorious, Nicole!!!  (um, Mommy’s typing this ’cause I’m terrible at it, so, yeah!) Anyhow, I have a pledge for you dolls. As I have said before, we dolls must find ways to take over these doll-bloggy things and let our voices be heard! 

Also, I got a pillow for Christmas from Auntiy – 

Nooo! Don’t say her real name on the blog!

What do I call her then?

Just say ‘OceanHorse36’.

Okay, fine, as I was saying before Mommy so rudely interupted my ambush on this doll bloggy-thing . . . Auntiy OceanHorse36 –  that sounds weird! – gave me a pillow with my initial – ‘N’, in case you didn’t know – on it for Christmas. I love it very much and it has helped me acheive my New Year’s revolution.

Um, it’s ‘resolution’, not ‘revolution’, Nicole.

Fine, it’s helping me acheive my New Year’s resolution. So, as I was going to tell you guys – 

You’re not going to tell them what your resolution was?

No, I didn’t plan on it, but I guess I could, now that we are fully on that topic. My resolution is to dream a dream every night. It’s worked so far! 

Yes, and it’s only the 8th day of the year.

Actually, only three days since I made it, but will you let me continue now?

You’re not making it easy for me to take over! I can continue? (*ForestPoodle88 nods*) Good!

Okay, so finally back to my pledge. I’ll tell you it down below, and if you pledge to help take over your Mommy/sister/friend/human person’s bloggy-thing, just write a comment below with the whole long, 4-page pledge typed out word for word – oh, and don’t forget spelling and commas and periods and such – then, yeah, I’ll add you to my list of pledgers, and you should try your very hardest to post and try and take-over the bloggy-thing at least once, then leave a link over here to your post, and, whew! Got that? 

Nicole, you can’t possibly ask dolls to type a 4-page long thing properly! Even you can’t type!

Okay, okay. I was just kidding! The actual pledge is only a sentence and you just need to put in your name. If you want, you can just write “I –insert your name here- pledge to follow Nicole’s pledge“, but that’s not prefered. Here’s the full pledge:

I,  –insert your name here- , of   -insert your human person’s blog here-,  pledge to take over the doll blogoverse/doll bloggy-things and let my voice be heard!

And then you have to remember to do at least one take-over post and put a link for it in a comment below. 

Okay, so, just to summarize:

  1. Dolls only, please.
  2. Post a comment down below or in the ‘Contact’ page following the pledging methods above (greyish blue text). 
  3. You will be added to Nicole’s Notorious Bloggy-Thing Taker-Overers. (as named by me!)
  4. Post, on your human-person’s bloggy-thing, at least one post in which you take over the bloggy-thing and wreak havoc – well, sort of.
  5. Post another comment with a link to your take-over post

Um, I’m just going to finish this post now by pledging myself to my own pledge – that sounds kinda weird, but it’s actually really fun!

I, Nicole Heather Marie, of Hedgehog Hollow, pledge to take over these doll bloggy-things and let my voice be heard! Um, bye! (*backs away awkwardly because she has no idea what else to do*)

Nicole (and ForestPoodle88)

4 thoughts on “Nicole’s Pledge

  1. I, Hailey Jacqueline, of Peace in the Pines, pledge to take over the blogiverse and let my voice be heard!
    Also, Nicole sometimes you make no sense-being funny besides the point.


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