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The Past Presents: How to Make Doll Toothbrushes

Hi everyone! I’m back with another short craft today! It’s also from the archives of my camera.

I do apologize for not posting for two months. June was crazy busy with the end of the school year. I’ve also been sailing again this summer, so my weekdays are pretty full with that and I haven’t really had access to a computer. But I’m here now, and I have pictures for another post too.

Oh, and! I finally made it to 100 posts! This here is my 101st!

Okay, so back to the craft: doll toothbrushes. There are other ways of making a doll toothbrush – Nicole and Sophie’s first ones were mini popsicles sticks coloured with Sharpies and then with three rectangles of white felt glues to the one end for bristles. They weren’t as toothbrush-y as these ones though, and I made them in too similar of colours so I ended up writing their names on their toothbrushes. (You can see that HERE if you scroll down quite far.)

You’ll need a bit of clay and a small amount of white pipe cleaner, plus a hot glue gun for this.

Okay, so take some clay – again, I’m using blue Model Magic – and make a snake about 2 inches long. I’m eyeballing this, but if you want it more accurate, take your own toothbrush (you should have one!), measure it, then divide that measurement in three.

I just went to go measure mine and it’s 7.5 inches (it’s also not a standard toothbrush – it’s bamboo, but still), so probably 1.5 – 2 inches is good.

Now squish in a little part about half an inch from the one end. This forms your head. Well, not yours, the toothbrushes. I think you’ve already got a head!

Now use your nail to make a little divot a bit away from that.

I bent my toothbrush in a bit just after that, but you don’t have to if you don’t want.

I also bent the head up a little and put the toothbrush on dowels so it would dry this way. I am using air-dry clay, but if yours isn’t, probably don’t do this. Also you can see my old toothbrush in the background of this picture because I was using it for reference.

You can shape the bottom end too – I made mine flatter and angled.

Now do what ever you need to do to finish your clay – bake it, air-dry it, paint it etc.

Take about an inch of pipe cleaner with both ends folded in – your doll does not want to poke their gums with pipe cleaner, trust me – and fold that in half.

Use the hot glue gun to glue it on and you’re good to go!

Nicole is very pleased not to have to have her name written on her toothbrush! I haven’t told her that Sophie’s toothbrush is now the exact same colour . . .

I made these pre-Toria, but I knew I was getting her, so I made one for her as well, and oh, guess what? It’s blue too!

Nicole is not gonna be happy when I write ‘N’ on her toothbrush . . .

And Sophie had just gotten this dress at the time (the time was May 2020, I think), so the toothbrush naturally went in her pocket. Where else do you put a toothbrush?

I hope you enjoyed this craft and if you make it yourself, please comment or send me pictures!




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