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Victoria + Saila + Lake | A Photoshoot

Hi everyone! Victoria and her cousin Saila got to visit the little not-beach at our cabin a couple weeks ago. They had a ton of fun! It’s pretty much a sand pile beside the lake, but it was still great.

FlamyFox13 and I both took pictures (you can see her cool post here), so there’s one or two photos in here that are hers.

Here’s Saila, in her new bathing suit top! (Handmade by FlamyFox, of course.)

And, here’s Victoria! She was more than a little excited to play in the sand.

Ha, this is not a doll-size tent, but it looks like it could be!

Hey! Sand is cool! And so are tents!

Obviously the first thing anyone visiting a sand pile should do.

I probably took a few too many close ups of Toria, but she looks great with the lake.

Desert! Nope, just sand, but still. I like this one a lot.

FlamyFox13 ran off for some sand toys, which Victoria and Saila gladly claimed.

See? Toria + lake = awesome!

She seems to have a bit of a penchant for dump trucks and other vehicles.

Saila and Toria were playing nicely together, but then Toria . . .

. . . got distracted dumping sand towards herself.

And then Saila wasn’t very happy.

Victoria kept playing with the dump truck for a bit . . .

. . . while Saila wandered off.

Eventually, Saila and Toria ended up in the water. They would have gone in a lot deeper, but y’know, there’s the whole doll thing. They were not too pleased with that one. :)

Toria decided a selfie was needed. She even printed this picture out later!

They also found two tugboats – the orange one is actually about a third of the size of the blue one, which is perfect.

I happen to be very pleased with this picture.

I tried to take a picture of doll footprints in the sand, but it didn’t work, so you get Toria’s feet. It’s in place of a doll shoe picture, since she doesn’t have any beach appropriate shoes yet.

Oh, and here are the bloopers!

FlamyFox marvelously photobombed this one. She was trying to move Saila, who you can’t even see.

And our dog, Charlie, wanted in on the action too.

Toria’s just chilling, and then there’s Charlie shaking in the background. Maybe don’t tell the dog you’re taking pictures?

Which picture here is your favourite? Toria’s is her selfie with Saila. Saila can’t decide. She likes all the ones of her and Toria.

Anyway, I took more pictures at the cabin, so look out for those. I don’t think that’ll be right away, because that’s a lot of photoshoots in a row, but Nicole’s preparing her own post too, so that’ll likely be next.


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