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The Chicken Hates Me! | A Photostory

Hi everyone! It’s Victoria again! ForestPoodle’s been very busy sailing this past month, which is why we didn’t post. But! We found a bit of time, so I’m posting something we filmed before she left to sail.

Next week is the last week of sailing, so FP88 will post after that. Or Nicole will. Or Soph. We all will!

Okay, ready? Here we go!

*  *  *

Hi! It’s Toria and I’m here about to feed the resident chicken, Wilhelmina, for the first time! I’ve been here quite a while, but I haven’t done it yet.

I’ve got the chicken feed and the egg bucket.

I don’t know what kind of feed it is. For chickens, I guess!

Okay, here’s the coop and some where in there is Wilhelmina . . .

I’m leaving the feed here for now.


Here we go! Nicole told me to just lift up the roof of this side box thing and get the eggs. Sophie told me to crawl in the coop. Sophie also always forgets to get the eggs, so I’m going to listen to Nicole!

Oh, this egg’s right here!

Egg number one, gathered! Or collected, or whatever it is you do to eggs. Not fried, in any case. Not yet.

Ready for egg number two!

Oh, and there’s Wilhelmina . . . ooookay. . . and the egg’s too far.

Hey – FP88, camera on my face, not my feet! Thanks. Silly humans.

I’m not getting the egg out that way, so I’m trying another way.

Ladder up.

And ladder back down over here.

Me down over here too.

Where are you, egg?


Oh! That’s not an egg . . .


The chicken hates me!


She’d be laughing right now if she could.

*giant sigh*

That hurts! What now?

Nicole’s counting on me to get these silly eggs.

Okay, I’m back up. . . . I have to find a new way around that scheming chicken.

Oh, oh there’s the feed!

Let’s do this!

*rrriiiiipp* If I can get her out of the coop with feed, then I can get the eggs.

Here chicky, chicky, chicky!

I just hope Wilhelmina doesn’t bite me again.

Nope, I have a better idea. Not risking it.

Now I can get her out without getting bitten! And that horrid chicken won’t be near me. *shudders*

Now, come here chicky, chicky!

Yeah, come on Wilhelmina.

Come on Willy!

I’m just backing up so she’s not near me.

Yup, commme on.

There you go!


Oh, um, actually, let’s move you a little further.

Yeah, now you stay here, away from me.

Maybe I’ll actually get the eggs this time?

Ladder off again.

Annnnd . . . here we go.

That feels like an egg. It looks like an egg.

Second egg down! Two to go!

And egg number three . . .

. . . in the basket!

Um, what am I supposed to do about that one?

My arms are too short, you know.

Oh, I know! FP88, so glad you’re there! Would you kindly retrieve that egg in the back of the coop for me?

Are you sure you can’t get it yourself? You’re sure your arms are too short?



That’s it! Keep going!

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

See? There, I’ve got all 4 eggs! Just don’t make me do it again.

Oh. Now to get that chicken back in the coop . . . .

*  *  *

Yeah, that might be the first and last time I collect the eggs. Maybe I can strike a deal with Sophie next time? What’s your opinion on chickens?

Nicole and I have been up at the cabin and we took pictures, so watch out for that in a couple weeks or something!

See you!

— Victoria

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