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Climbing, Because What Else are Trees and Rocks For? | A Photo Shoot with Nicole

Hello everyone! I’m back until the dolls kick me out again :)

When I was at our cabin over the summer, I took Nicole and Toria up at separate times for pictures, but I haven’t actually posted Nicole’s yet, so here they are!

Nicole opted to wear the skirt that I mostly hand-sewed the summer before at the cabin (I will note that I finished the seams and waistband on a sewing machine) with fabric I found there. Very fitting!

(I also sewed her shirt (by machine) in case you were wondering)

This is by the front – back? – steps. I love the contrast of the colourless rocks and wood and then brightly-coloured Nicole.

Small dolly in a big rocky place!

What do you see, Nicole?

Of course, a rock that she just had to climb.

Victory is mine!

I really like this one – I even printed it out for her to put in her scrapbook/photo album if you look closely. Plus, getting a fairly floppy doll like Nicole to stand like that is no easy feat! But the sun, yes, the sun. I did take these in the early evening, after we ate supper, I think, or maybe before.

And then Nicole found something else.

But it didn’t really show up well on camera. There’s a spider web here, with things caught in it, but, um, my picture’s not great. Look closely where the pinecone is, okay?

Another rock. And what did Nicole have to do? Climb it, of course! I’m not sure she can see a rock or tree without wanting to climb it!

Another victory pose.

Trees, trees, beautiful trees! Can I have some trees for my birthday?

Uh, sure, absolutely Nicole! *nods head vigorously*

And more trees!

You know what’s coming next . . .

Climbing the tree! I’m very pleased with this picture too. All of these are unedited too, I might add.

I think this might be Burning Bush or something like that. Really cool how it was changing colour.

What’s that right there, peeking up over the rock?

A tired somebody! (Maybe if she hadn’t climbed so much . . . )

Well, two somebodies!

Well, you could look at the camera better, but yes, that’s a very nice tree you found, Nicole!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these pictures – I’m really happy with them! Which one was your favourite?

Bye for now,


4 thoughts on “Climbing, Because What Else are Trees and Rocks For? | A Photo Shoot with Nicole

  1. Ooh, there are a lot of really great pictures here! I like the one with Nicole on top of The Rock, and with the Burning Bush. Nicole really loves to climb! I’m not sure any of the dolls could see a tree without wanting to climb it though.

    ~ FlamyFox13


    1. Thank you! Yeah, I really like those pictures too. That’s true, Nicole just has a way of being up the tree before anyone can give her any reason not to! (Not that I really have any reasons, but if I did, it’d be too late!)


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